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Archive for May 26th, 2008

Fuel-saving find

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Yet another incredible invention that could change our world if some person, group or company will just fund the guy or buy him out and put this technology on the market.

“West Fargo inventor Ernie Brookins has produced a hydraulic transmission that can power vehicles without the engine running full time. Now he’s looking for investors willing to fund full-scale production of his prototype. Brookins believes his invention could potentially save drivers 50 percent in fuel costs. Here’s how it works: Brookins’ hybrid drive system captures, compresses, and stores “wasted” drive-train energy produced when a vehicle’s engine is running. The compressed air pushes hydraulic fluid through a piston-driven torque converter capable of propelling a vehicle at highway speeds without the engine running, he says. Once fully developed, an embedded computer system will automatically switch the vehicle’s power source back and forth from engine to hybrid drive transmission. “The engine will have to run about 50 percent of the time,” Brookins said. “If we went out on the road, I could maintain 60 miles per hour with the engine turned off,” Brookins said. “We can put it on anything. This is designed for a grain truck hauling 40,000 pounds,” he said, while displaying a similar prototype in his West Fargo shop. “We’re going to target vehicles using millions of gallons of gas.” Likely targets are school buses, delivery trucks, semis, postal vehicles, even train locomotives: “Anything that uses gas or diesel (fuel) for power,” Brookins said. The invention can “make an immediate impact on the fuel crisis.” Brookins said the invention can be available for commercial markets within six months of having investors and other funding sources that can provide the $250,000 needed to mass produce it. “It does seem to me like it’s sort of a breakthrough invention,” Johnson said. “His challenge is breaking into the industry. It’s going to take a fair amount of capital. He needs someone to partner up and put some money into this.” Brookins said he can produce 10 to 15 units a day with three full-time employees. He would eventually consider selling the business to any U.S. company that could produce 100,000 units per year. “Then we could make an impact on the fuel crisis,” he said. “The market is 1 million per year.” – Source

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Thinking small could pay off big

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Wow, spring arrays. A world driven by clockwork, wind it up with a major burst of energy, then let it wind down while powering devices. Just like batteries!

“Carbon nanotubes have been dubbed, quaintly, “nanotube forests.” Each individual nanotube acts like a tiny spring, and Livermore thinks that if you combine billions of them, they could do things that no steel spring could achieve. “It is well known that you can store energy in the deformation of a spring,” said Livermore. “The main challenge with storing energy in springs is most don’t store a lot of energy per unit of weight or volume. Carbon nanotubes are great because they can stretch incredibly far without breaking.” The nanotubes work like expansion springs – pull them and they stretch, release them and they pop back to their original shape, releasing energy. Think of them as tiny Slinkies. One possibility is a high-end mechanical watch that might only need winding once a month. Buyers of high-end mechanical timepieces appreciate new technology as it is applied to the centuries-old art of clock making. Livermore said another potential application would be a regenerative braking device for bicycles, in which mechanical energy is captured during braking, and can then be used to provide extra power for getting over hills. Systems currently on the market convert the mechanical energy to electricity, and then use the electricity to power a motor. But whenever energy is converted from one form to another, some is lost. Capturing mechanical energy – the energy of movement – and reusing it in the same state could make the device more efficient. She is also thinking of ways in which the nanotube springs could replace some kind of batteries. Batteries tend to lose their charges over time, and stop working after a certain number of recharges. They don’t work well when it’s too hot or too cold. Theoretically, the nanotube springs can retain their energy indefinitely and work anywhere.” – Source

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Former coal mines as new Geothermal Energy Source

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

What a novel idea, all those deep, COLD tunnels, perfect for heat exchangers.

“Former coal mines in Cape Breton that are flooded with water warmed by the heat of the earth are being seen as a possible source of geothermal energy to heat schools or hospitals. The Cape Breton Development Corp. has been consulting with Cape Breton University about the possibility of capturing the heat from the water, which can rise to 15 C. Collin Harker, a business consultant working with the corporation known as Devco, said the geothermal energy can be captured by bringing mine water to the surface to be run through a heat pump. “They are very common,” he said. “Air conditioners run on heat pumps. That will take the heat out of the water and transfer it into . . . the material going through the building.” It may also be possible to tap into geothermal energy by immersing heat-capturing technology in the water. Johnstone noted mine water is being used to heat a building belonging to Ropak Can Am Ltd., a manufacturer of plastic packaging products, in Springhill. “If you get to a certain level of efficiency in terms of the components you string together to pull the water out, exchange the heat and then utilize the heat, you can actually get to a status of being a renewable energy,” he said.” – Source

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Survivalists Prepare for Energy Crisis

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

How can people NOT see what is happening? Is it too early to take precautions like this? Imagine what happens when there is no food, no electricity, no gas, no heat, no water. How will ‘civilized’ people react then? When it comes right down to it, they will do what it takes for their families to survive, if that involves stealing or worse, then be prepared.

“Convinced the planet’s oil supply is dwindling and the world’s economies are heading for a crash, some people around the country are moving onto homesteads, learning to live off their land, conserving fuel and, in some cases, stocking up on guns they expect to use to defend themselves and their supplies from desperate crowds of people who didn’t prepare. The exact number of people taking such steps is impossible to determine, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the movement has been gaining momentum in the last few years. These energy survivalists are not leading some sort of green revolution meant to save the planet. Many of them believe it is too late for that, seeing signs in soaring fuel and food prices and a faltering US economy, and are largely focused on saving themselves. Some are doing it quietly, giving few details of their preparations – afraid that revealing such information as the location of their supplies will endanger themselves. They envision a future in which the nation’s cities will be filled with hungry, desperate refugees forced to go looking for food, shelter and water. “There’s going to be things that happen when people can’t get things that they need for themselves and their families,” said Lynn-Marie, who believes cities could see a rise in violence as early as 2012.” – Source

And this associated post;

Warren Buffett Sees “Long, Deep” U.S. Recession – “The United States is already in a recession and it will be longer as well as deeper than many people expect, U.S. investor Warren Buffett said in an interview published in German magazine Der Spiegel on Saturday. Buffett also renewed his criticism of derivatives trading. “It’s not right that hundreds of thousands of jobs are being eliminated, that entire industrial sectors in the real economy are being wiped out by financial bets even though the sectors are actually in good health.” Buffett complained about the lack of effective controls. “That’s the problem,” he said. “You can’t steer it, you can’t regulate it anymore. You can’t get the genie back in the bottle.” – Source

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Arata-Zhang LENR Demonstration (Cold Fusion)

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

And this didn’t make the mainstream media? For my money, its an exotic battery, once its contaminated, you have to gut it and replace with all new parts. Of course, THE POINT is that it produces excess heat with low energy reactions but as Dr. JOM Bockris pointed out years ago, the most interesting thing to him was TRANSMUTATION using low energy.

“Against a monumental backdrop of bad publicity for cold fusion since 1989, researchers in Japan on May 22 demonstrated the production of excess heat and helium-4, the results of an historic low-energy nuclear reaction experiment. The mastermind behind the demonstration is Yoshiaki Arata, a highly respected physicist in Japan who has been the recipent of Japan’s highest award, the Order of Cultural Merit, and is the first person to have performed a thermonuclear fusion experiment showing large amounts of d-d reactions in Japan. A lecture by Arata preceded the demonstration before a live audience in Arata Hall (named in his honor) at the Joining and Welding Research Institute at Osaka University. The demonstration took place in the Osaka University Advanced Science & Innovation Center with the help of Arata’s associate, professor Yue Chang Zhang of Shianghai Jiotong University. Professor Akito Takahashi of Osaka University was an eyewitness to the demonstration. “Arata and Zhang demonstrated very successfully the generation of continuous excess energy (heat) from ZrO2-nano-Pd sample powders under D2 gas charging and generation of helium-4,” Takahashi wrote. “The demonstrated live data looked just like data they reported in their published papers (J. High Temp. Soc. Jpn, Feb. and March issues, 2008). This demonstration showed that the method is highly reproducible.” – Source

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15 Billion ($15,000,000,000.00) of U.S. Funds in Iraq unaccounted for

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Does this never end? Sucking us and future generations dry for such greed and sloppy accounting.

“The Pentagon cannot account for nearly 15 billion dollars in payments for goods and services in Iraq, according to an internal audit which members of Congress blasted Friday as a “shocking” accountability failure…as if the other 483 billion that is “accounted for” is going to a worthy cause to begin with…” – Source

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Portable Helicopters That Actually Fly w/video

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Man, can you imagine keeping one of these in the trunk of your car in case you got stranded or needed to get somewhere faster than traffic would allow?

“Here’s a new one: a portable helicopter that can be folded up and transported inside a cylinder. Don’t let its compact appearance fool you — the KA-56 boasts a 40hp air-cooled rotary engine capable of reaching a maximum speed of 68MPH. It weighs in at 485-pounds and has a 93-mile range. / GEN H-4 is the world’s smallest co-axial helicopter. It features four GEN125 engines that produce 40hp @ 6800-7500rpm and a shock absorbent aluminum frame. Weighing 155-pounds, it has a maximum cruising speed of 55MPH. Unfortunately, it will set you back a hefty $35,000.” – Source

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Audio ads beam message for your ears only

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Oh the mischief one could enjoy using this!

“The technology works by beaming waves of hypersonic sound at a pitch that can’t be detected by the human ear. However, when those sound waves strike an object, such as a human body, they suddenly become audible in the immediate area of the object — allowing personalized marketing that can target one person in a crowd of hundreds. It’s also being used in grocery stores in France and in some museums, and could soon be turning traditional advertising on its ear here in Canada too, said Ken Hardy, a marketing professor at the University of Western Ontario. “You step into the spotlight of sound and if you step out, just a foot or so away, you won’t hear anything,” he told CTV’s Canada AM in a recent interview. “It’s this ability to cast the sound in a tight little circle that is so novel and so effective.” “I don’t think it’s an invasion of privacy but I do think people might react badly until they get used to it,” Hardy said. “I’m not sure everybody wants to hear it so I think as a direct marketing technique it’s something that needs experimentation.” A talking pop machine that quietly urges passersby to drink Coke, might be a little creepy, Hardy admitted.” – Source

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Move over ChupaCabra, make room for ChupaPollo

Posted by keelynet on May 26, 2008

Very strange story I was told tonight. A 21 year old friend and I were drinking beer tonight at my house and watching a show about mysteries. He and his farming family live about 5km out in the country. Something on TV mentioned Chupacabras and he said one used to roam around here about 12 years ago.

He said the thing had a head like an armadillo with a pointy snout, a tail like a kangaroo, scales like a fish and could jump from 20-50 METERS in a single hop. It was about 2 to 3 feet tall.

Give me a break, what is this, bio-levitation like lung-gom-pa or would it be more like the Incredible Hulk who jumps everywhere he goes. 20-50 meters would be like 60-150 feet per jump. I asked him if he didn’t mean ‘pies = feet’ and he said no, meters.

What if some living things can actually control gravity influx to reduce or increase their weight at will? There is much to this can of worms when you open it up but I won’t bother you with it in this post.

I suggested he and his friend who also saw it were drunk, on drugs or crazy..he said no, totally sober.

He said his friend saw it peeping around a corner and making a hissing sound as it drew air into its pointed mouth, but when his friend gave chase, the thing shot up into the air and landed about 30 feet away to repeat this movement.

In the photo here, it looks like a wild dog, maybe like in Australia.

All the farmers in the area were complaining and trying to kill it when they too saw it after killing their chickens, but no luck.

It ate chickens by sucking the blood from their necks and within about 2 hours, if you cut the body open, what blood and fluids were left would be green, with no trace of red.

That reminded me that blood and chlorophyll only differ by virtue of iron in blood versus magnesium in chlorophyll and that by exchanging them you literally change blood to chlorophyll or vice versa.

This creature called a Chupacabra which means ‘goat sucker’ is really a Chupapollo since it sucks and kills only chickens.

It lived in a long cave that had poisonous gases and used to steal underwear and soft clothes which it used to pad its nest and left a trail of them going into the cave. The thing was causing so much mischief that the government called in soldiers who saw it but couldn’t catch or kill it.

But after the soldiers canvassed and patrolled the area, the ChupaPollo left or died. No one knows what happened, but they suspect the poisonous gases from deep in the cave might have killed it.

I should have taped this story as I’m sure I left some parts out. He said 3-4 years ago there was another brief chicken attack but he didn’t think it was this creature. I told him I’ll buy some beer and let him tell me this story again with full details so I can record it and translate it as completely as possible.

He also has a lot more stories that I found quite interesting. One being a mysterious cave which ‘eats’ boats, people and animals. I think its some kind of underwater vortex between the shore and one of the two main islands in Lake Chapala.

I asked if one day we could drive out to some of the places he knows and he could tell me the stories and show me the places and he said yes. Of course I’ll pay him for his time as they make very little money here for a days work.

I love this kind of stuff, especially things that locals always know but almost never tell strangers. There is a town called Ocotlan with a history of a ten year cycle for UFO sightings and contacts.

A guy from Guadalajara told me the ships come right down close and you can see and photograph all kinds of details and that he had photos up close. He promised to bring them so I could scan them in, but I haven’t seen him again and that was a few years ago.

Now that I think about it, he is a cousin of Carlos whose family runs a local abarrote (store like 7-11) so I’ll ask him to get the cousin to bring the photos next time he visits.

Just out or curiosity, I did a search for ChupaPollo and found this chicken eating cow story;

The Case of the Carnivorous Cow! – “KOLKATA, India — When dozens of chickens went missing from a remote West Bengal village, everyone blamed the neighborhood dogs. The family decided to stand guard at night on Monday at the cow shed which also served as a hen coop, after 48 chickens went missing in a month. “Instead of the dogs, we watched in horror as the calf, whom we had fondly named Lal, sneak to the coop and grab the little ones with the precision of a jungle cat,” Gour Ghosh, his brother, said. “The local vets said the cow was probably suffering from a disease but others said Lal was a tiger in his previous birth,” Ajit added.” – Source

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