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Archive for May 22nd, 2008

Controlling America’s Rising Gas Prices

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

Compared to some other countries, even at $4 a gallon, we get gas cheap but it looks like we’ll be forced to catchup to further enrich the greedy oil companies and corrupt politicians.

“Despite the rapidly rising gas prices, Americans still enjoy some of the cheapest fuel prices in the world. Americans continue to complain and point fingers while demanding “somebody do something” about the prices. Once the price of gas is sliced up, there are only so many options available to reducing it. One option is to increase the supply to meet demand as proposed by Shell Oil’s president John Hofmeister. Another avenue of price relief, which has become virally popular to consumers via the Internet is a suspension of the federal gas tax. One of the root causes of the increased oil price is a run away commodities market on the trading floors. At the moment, the price for a barrel of oil is not actually being driven by the demand to put gasoline into a vehicle, rather it’s driven by commodities speculators creating a demand for barrel options. Earlier this year, it was shown the price of oil was pushed over $100 by a single trader seeking notoriety. The same principle is driving commodities prices more aggressively now, “The guys who screwed up the mortgage markets are bringing their awesome skill sets to bear on physical commodity markets.” – Source

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Using Rosemary while Cooking Meat to Block Cancer

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

One more tip in the arsenal against formation of cancer. For my money, it occurs from ongoing inflammation or stimulation that eventually produces cancer.

“Rosemary, a member of the mint family and a popular seasoning on its own, also has benefits as a cancer prevention agent. Apply it to hamburgers and it can break up the potentially cancer-causing compounds that can form when the meat is cooked. J. Scott Smith found out about rosemary’s strength against the compounds while researching ways to reduce them as part of a long-term Food Safety Consortium project at Kansas State University. Smith, a KSU food science professor, has been looking into the carcinogenic compounds known as HCAs (heterocyclic amines). “Put a little bit on the surface,” Smith advised grillers. “Rosemary extracts shouldn’t have much of an aroma to them. Most people don’t want a rosemary-flavored burger. So if you get the extract you don’t really know it’s there.” Smith’s findings began with research into commercial rosemary extracts’ effect on stopping HCAs from forming in cooked beef patties. His research group found that the HCAs were reduced in levels ranging from 30 to 100 percent. Although lower temperatures and shorter cooking times can reduce the risk of HCA formation, those alternatives have their own problems. Lower temperatures can affect the taste adversely, Smith explained, noting that commercial steak houses cook at temperatures above 400 degrees F. “Some use real high temperatures quick on the surface, then they pull it out and put it in an oven to finish it,” he said. The better way may be to use rosemary extracts so temperatures can be still be kept high. Rosemary’s antioxidant content makes this method possible thanks to the presence of phenolic compounds. Those compounds – rosmarinic acid, carnosol and carnosic acid – block the HCAs before they can form during heating.” – Source

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As oil soars, Japan’s plan makes sense

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

Looks like a great example for all countries…wean us off oil until we can find other sources of non-polluting energy. I think one of the fears is nuclear, but pebble bed reactors are supposed to be explosion proof…granted, NOTHING is idiot proof, but they are much safer.

“When oil prices spiked before, in the 1970s, the country experienced an “oil shock” that temporarily crippled the economy and sent nervous consumers rushing to the market for essentials. That isn’t happening this time, even with oil prices hitting new highs close to $130 (U.S.) a barrel yesterday. Part of the reason is Japan’s remarkable success at reducing its dependence on oil. The U.S., the world’s biggest net importer of oil, brings in about 13 million barrels a day, up from about six million in 1973. China, the third largest importer, just behind Japan, has seen imports grow to 7.8 million barrels a day as of last year, up from 4.2 million in 1997, a rise of 86 per cent. A shortage of oil to run its military machine was one motive behind Japan’s attack on the Western powers in East Asia in the Second World War. An oil embargo was choking off the supplies needed to maintain and expand its Asian imperial conquests. Japan was reminded anew of its dependence on foreign energy when the Arab oil embargo of 1973 sent prices soaring, making Japan’s economy shrink for the first time since the end of the war. Japan came to realize that its economic life hung on a slender, 12,000-kilometre thread – the distance tankers had to travel from the oil fields of the Middle East to Japanese ports. Thus began a three-decade-long national effort to become less reliant on oil. Despite the public’s extreme sensitivity about nuclear energy after the trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the government invested heavily in nuclear, building a network that today includes 55 reactors and generates 30 per cent of its electricity and 11 per cent of total energy requirements. That makes Japan the third-largest producer of nuclear energy after the United States and France. Japan also shifted away from oil to natural gas, which is available from less distant and more reliable suppliers such as Brunei and Indonesia. Natural gas provides about 15 per cent of Japan’s energy needs, up from 2.7 per cent in 1975. Oil provides about 46 per cent, down from 71 per cent. Coal accounts for about 22 per cent, up from 18 per cent, and other sources provide the remainder. Conservation and improved energy efficiency has also played a role. Japanese cars have improved their average mileage by 30 per cent over the past decade.” – Source

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Edgar Cayce prediction correct?

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

He missed on several other predictions but this one seems on target.

“Reader comment: “Way back in the 1930s or early 1940s, Edgar Cayce said that “when the earth changes began, we would begin to lose the seasons. No longer would we have a Spring or Fall, but just go from hot to cold and cold to hot”. I noticed this beginning some years back, and every year it is more pronounced, at least here in the Midwest. In newspaper yesterday, 5-17-08, it reports that farmers in southwest Indiana say they have only 40% of their corn planted as it is too wet to get in the fields, and that every day they lose cuts down on crop yield. I can remember when April was Spring. Not anymore.” – Source

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Man Claims to Develop Fuel-Saving System For Cars

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

There are of course many versions of this and MUCH cheaper.

“Larry Thrasher developed a hydrogen-based system for cars that he says will at least double the current gas mileage on any automobile. “Mixing the hydrogen with the gasoline right now, but eventually we’ll run straight hydrogen in most cars,” says Thrasher. He came up with his system which he described to us. “This is the generator. It actually is housing, but inside is all the parts,” Thrasher said. “Then, we’ve got a safety feature called flash resistor in case of a backfire that it won’t go back in there. Plus there’s a one-way valve so I can control the pressure and it’s brought into our intake and it mixes in there with the gasoline.” It all starts with a water tank in the trunk of his 1996 Cadillac. The water runs straight into the generator. “It uses an ounce and a half of water every 60 miles. I can go to California and back and not add water.” Thrasher says the gas mileage on his car has increased from 19 to 53 miles a gallon when using hydrogen. Thrasher says if you want to buy one of his hydrogen-based systems, the cost is $5,500 for cars using gasoline and around $8,000 for diesel engines. For more information, call Thrasher at (256) 773-4319.” – Source

You might like to check out my 151 page ebook 14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs for only $15.00 which offers a similar method and many others. Makes a great gift for the experimenter.

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Information overload hides new Technologies

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

So much for Al Gore. I wonder how many new discoveries never make it to anyone’s attention or lies buried deep in the news.

“The first use of the word “internet” to refer to a computer network seems to have appeared in the Washington Post on Sept. 26, 1988, in the financial section, on page F30 — about as deep into the paper as you can go without hitting the bedrock of the classified ads. The entire reference: “SMS Data Products Group Inc. in McLean (Va.) won a $1,005,048 contract from the air force to supply a defence data network internet protocol router.” The story referred to “a research network called Internet,” which “links as many as 50,000 computers, allowing users to send a variety of information to each other.” The scientists knew that computer networks could be powerful. But how many knew that this Internet thing would change the way we communicate, publish, sell, shop, conduct research, find old friends, do homework, plan trips and on and on? Even scientists don’t always grasp the significance of innovations. Tomorrow’s revolutionary technology may be in plain sight, but everyone’s eyes, clouded by conventional thinking, just can’t detect it. We are a technocracy in which most of us don’t really understand what’s happening around us. We stagger through a world of technological and medical miracles. We’re zombified by progress. Read science fiction, especially “hard science fiction” that sticks rigorously to the scientifically possible. The professional visionaries don’t even talk about predictions or forecasts but prefer the word “scenarios.” Some predictions are bang-on, such as sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke’s declaration in 1945 that there would someday be communications satellites orbiting the Earth. But Clarke’s satellites had to be occupied by repairmen who would maintain the huge computers required for space communications. Says science-fiction writer Ben Bova, “We have built into us an idea that tomorrow is going to be pretty much like today, which is very wrong.” We need to keep our eyes open. The future is going to be here sooner than we think. It’ll surprise us. We’ll try to figure out why we missed so many clues. And we’ll go back and search the archives, and see that thing we should have noticed on page F30.” – Source

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Patrick Swayze’s comeback

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

Note, it doesn’t say he has accepted any of these offers. It would be a great test for Kanzius’ nano particle and heat machine.

“Earlier this year, Swazye had confirmed that he was suffering from pancreatic cancer. The ‘Dirty Dancing’ legend has reportedly readied his will, transferring his property worth millions to his wife of 32 years. Three top doctors have offered him a sure-shot cure with their new revolutionary treatments. Earlier this year, the ‘Ghost’ star had made public that he was battling the debilitating disease when his illness was revealed by a U.S. tabloid. And now three cancer specialists have offered the 55-year-old actor to try their treatments promising to ward off his illness completely. In an article in America’s Globe, Dr. Howard May, Robert Krupa and Dr. Jim Howenstine have claimed that they can surely help Swayze beat cancer with their miraculous tools. “I can cure Patrick Swayze,” Contactmusic quoted Dr. May, as saying. May, the National Health Director of the Phillipines Church of God has claimed that he himself is a living proof that his ‘Zapper’ device, really can come up with positive results. He insisted that his device boosts the body’s immune system and kills pathogens and parasites that cause cancer and has already cured him of colon cancer. He explained: “I’m 86 and in better health now than I was when I was supposed to die within six months.” Also, Krupa said that his invention, the Rife machine, which uses electromagnetic energy to cancel out cancer, will surely prove to be a lifeline for Swayze. He said: “He’ll (Swayze) know from hour one that something good is happening to his body. He’ll suddenly be full of energy.” And according to internist Dr. Howenstine, the secret to Swayze’s cancer cure lies in a powerful antioxidant called Coenzyme Q10.” – Source

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Bangladeshi Inventor Has Demonstrated Fuel Free Magnetic Power!

Posted by keelynet on May 22, 2008

This is all I could find on the web about this claim, as so often happens with news from far away countries.

“After 17 years of research, 37 year old inventor Giasuddin Kachi in Bangladesh has shown professors from an engineering university, as well as other scientists and electrical engineers, that he has created magnetic energy conversion systems that produce electricity without any need for fuel. The professors commented that this invention challenged fundamental principles of electricity and energy conservation. The first public demonstration of Kachi’s invention was apparently at the Chittagong International Trade Fair, earlier this year. He showed that his generator could power a drill requiring 800 watts. It then lit a 500 watt lamp. He claims to have experimentally produced up to 10,000 watts of power. He believes his invention can eventually be scaled to 10, and then to 50, megawatts. Units of such large size can be utilized to replace the need for coal or uranium fueled power plants. Earlier this month, after observing the invention, a visitor to his facility said in correspondence to us: “He uses two circuits. One is a primary circuit and initially needs external power to excite the device. Afterwards, it is excited or energized by a secondary circuit, which is induced by the primary circuit. It continues to operate indefinitely. A very small part of the power of the secondary circuit is used to energize the primary circuit. The remaining electrical energy produced by the secondary circuit is used to power an external load”.” – Source

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