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Archive for May 17th, 2008

the Ultimate Power Source revisited

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

We got a rather bizarre post to the KeelyNet Interact Discussion List which was more than out there. It did mention;

“…naturally occurring nanoroller atom impregnated mineral which he finally and readily found in the Caves of Wales and publicized that it was “as common as dirt” in the area. He reported that the rocks gave off lots of electrical power without excitation and all that was needed was to connect wires to them. I also realized that they could be connected to portable high-power lasers and used to rob a plethora of banks everywhere, so I had the project secretized right after he discovered how to synthesize an artificial version in the lab!”

Some people read files and in time, come to believe they are involved in them. Such is the case with Al Bielek and the Philadelphia Experiment, total nutjob as we proved long ago in Dallas, but that’s another story.

For THIS story, the file this guy fails to reference is addressed with this post;

“I’m branching this off for ‘clarity’. The story is posted here about these power rocks, I am posting the key part of the page though there is more if you wish to read it at;

Arthur’s Stumbled on the secret of free electricity – There’s more than a welcome in the Welsh hillsides, according to specialist metal prospector Arthur Adams.

He reckons there could be a fortune in “magic” metal deposits — similar
to the chunk he’s gouged out of a gold bearing mountain just off the
Mawddach Estuary, North Wales.

But so far, his accidental find — a silver grey metal which he claims gives off electrical energy — has brought cynicism and disbelief from mineral scientists and a warning under the Official Secrets Act. (photo for illustration, not the actual mineral)

Arthur Adams, who lives quietly in a village near Ipswich says that there is enough of the material available to transform dramatically Britain’s energy resources.

In fact, to prove his point, he already claims to run clocks, a radio,
and a small TV set at his home — just by plugging into his piece of
strange metal.

Patented – Geologists and mineralogists says there is no natural mineral on earth which they don’t know about. And that no natural element could generate the prodigious electric energy claimed by Mr. Adams.

Mr Adams, a retired ultra-sonic engineer and radiologist who once worked
on Concorde, patented his discovery under a trade name. But the Ministry
of Defence warned him in writing that his find was covered by the
Official Secrets Acts.

He was not to reveal the components of the substance or it’s location.

Mr. Adams is not an amiable crank. As a consultant specialist metal
prospector, he uses a device of his own invention for detecting all
types of minerals.

He has been prospecting for years in the mineral rich area of the
Mawddach Estuary where there are active gold mines and huge deposits of
copper, zinc and lead. There are other rare metals there too.

He said yesterday: “This substance is a combination of natural elements
in a hitherto undiscovered form and which could have taken tens of
thousands of years to discover scientifically.”

“I have analysed it and I know what it is, but for the time being I have
been ordered to keep the secret.”

The energy source he says he has discovered is like a huge natural
battery in the earth — and it has nothing to do with the fusion of zinc
and copper.

“Believe me” he said earnestly “this is big, very big indeed. “it can
produce a limitless supply of power… it gives off huge voltages and
amps and it is self-regenerating.”

Doubts – What is more, he claims to have synthesised the metal. He can produce it himself.

Although he is bound to secrecy until the Government scientists have
investigated the metal, Mr. Adams revealed some fascinating
possibilities for it.

A piece no bigger that a shirt button could replace batteries in cars
and commercial vehicles.

A slab half the size of a shoe box could provide all the power and light
for a normal three up and two down family house — for next to nothing.

Officials at the Institute of Geological Scientists who prospect for and
map minerals in Britain said yesterday: “We have not discovered any
minerals with these properties. If it is a substance unknown to science
it is extremely exciting — but we doubt it.”

But Arthur Adams is unabashed. He is content to await a verdict of the
Government scientists.

As one mineralogist said: “It is highly unlikely that he has discovered
a new substance — but who knows? Stranger things have happened…”

Written by John Christopher (publication unknown)

I was curious to see if anything new had arisen about this man or subject in all these years (since 1997) and found the following;

“Update 05/17/08 – Additional info from;

At 8.30 PM on 23 January, 1974, a large disc-like craft was seen to fall from the skies over Clwyd in Wales. Dozens of witnesses across Lancashire and Cheshire had phoned the police earlier that evening after seeing a strange formation of green lights flying erratically over the skies of the north-west. At exactly 8.38 PM, something impacted into the Berwyn Mountains in Clwyd, and the resulting tremor – which measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale – was felt in Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, Southport, and even in some areas of Greater Manchester.

A nurse who lived near the scene of the impact told a local newspaper that a flying saucer ‘the size of the Albert Hall’ had smashed into a mountain, throwing debris and bodies for over a mile. She said she walked up to one of the bodies, and realised it wasn’t human, but before she could describe what she had seen, the military intervened, and two Ministry of Defence officials ordered her to remain silent about the UFO because her comments ‘would constitute a threat to national security and the defence of the realm’.

That nurse has never been seen in the area since, and the news reporter who visited the scene of the alleged crash refused to talk about the incident up until his death in 1979.

In 1980, an electronics engineer named Arthur Adams, who had worked on Concorde, visited the Berwyn UFO crash-site and found strange green coloured pieces of metal embedded in the rocks there. He took samples of the metal to his laboratory and discovered that a sample the size of a 1-inch cube gave off two kilowatts of electricity, when wired up to a volt meter. Mr Adams contacted the Daily Express, and they published a series of articles about the strange find, but the Ministry of Defence stepped in and killed the story.”

This story took me totally by surprise as all I’d ever seen before was that the mineral was naturally occurring, now this claim that it might be UFO residual material.

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Mehess Magnetic Motor

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

If this thing works as claimed, there needs to be independent replications to verify the claim, then try to scale it up for more power.

“The object of this invention is to show that a magnetic motor can be built that will power itself and produce extra voltage to be able to power an external load. The advantage of this device is that it can produce electricity with no external input. It is not area specific, does not require wind, hydro, sunlight, petrol fuel or any other other product or products to work. It is a totally closed loop system. I am using a 30 day mechanical clock movement to swing permanent magnets
thru a coil to produce an emf. The emf is stored in a bank of capacitors which can then be discharged into a 12 volt deep cycle battery via a pulsing method to keep the battery fully charged. The invention is totally scaleable. In such that the performance can be greatly increased by: 1. Adding more magnets and coils 2. Larger and stronger magnets 3. Any number of capacitors to store electricity. What is unique about this invention is that the force required to move the magnets through the coils is totally independent of the magnets. The definition of a permanent magnetic motor is that it can produce enough energy to run itself without the aid of any external input. This design meets these criteria. Example: If the invention was charging the capacitor at around 26 volts/pulse there would be enough stored voltage to pulse the battery approx. 1000 times. The pulse rate should be a 1 pulse per second. Or one could pulse for over 16 minutes to charge the battery. It only takes about 4 minutes to recharge the battery when it has been running the motor for 12 seconds. The voltage drop on the battery is around 80 mv. But after about an hour the voltage will recover 40 plus millivolts. Due to the unique chemical properties of a deep cycle lead acid battery. The deficit voltage of around 40 mv is equally charged up by the pulsing method in about 3-4 minutes. Thus the invention can run itself as well as store excess energy.” – Source

Concerned about Fuel Costs?

$4 gas by Spring? and the latest Land of $5.40 gas – Check out this $15 eBook on How to Increase Mileage and Decrease Fuel Costs – includes electrolyzer and vapor cleaner construction details and much more. – Read about it HERE

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Human Urine Safe, Productive Fertilizer

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

I wish they hadn’t picked cabbage and sauerkraut as their test vegetable…something about sauerkraut and urine is in my own yuck factor.

“Cash-strapped farmers shouldn’t look far for a source of free fertilizer, according to a new study that finds human urine to be a great source of nitrogen and other minerals. The “yuck” factor aside, scientists who used urine to help raise a bumper crop of cabbages said the practice may not be a bad idea. “Urine is a valuable fertilizer which poor people could use to increase yields and not contaminate their environment. It is a resource, not a pollutant, if correctly managed,” said Helvi Heinonen-Tanski, leader of a research group at the University of Kuopio’s Department of Environmental Sciences in Finland. The use of urine as fertilizer is uncommon, but it is increasing in some parts of Finland, the researchers said. It also has been used to fertilize barley and cucumbers, the study said. “We assume the nitrogen contents of human urine could be a good fertilizer for many other plants or crops,” Pradhan said. The researchers chose cabbage as a test crop, because it needs a lot of nitrogen, it is distributed worldwide, and it can be preserved as sauerkraut. The cabbage fertilized with urine was compared with similar plots of cabbage that either went unfertilized or where commercial fertilizer was used. At harvest, the cabbage enriched with the urine had several advantages: It was slightly larger, it grew to its maximum size more quickly, and, for most of the growth cycle, it suffered less bug damage than the commercially fertilized variety. Cabbage from all three plots was made into sauerkraut and taste-tested by 20 panelists. Each type tasted different, but all were rated “good,” the study said. As a result of the findings, the team concluded that urine produced by one person over a year would be enough to grow 160 cabbages — that’s 64 kilograms (141 pounds) more cabbage than could be grown in a similar plot fertilized with commercial fertilizer. They recommend collecting urine from eco-type toilets, storing it, then scattering it on the soil around the plants rather than directly on them. – (Thanks to Paul Getman for this URL. – JWD)” – Source

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Stop using antibacterial soaps now. Really.

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

I’ll never buy another bottle of antibacterial stuff though I have been using it as hand and dishwashing soap. Turns out this ‘triclosan’ is carcinogenic and god knows what else is in the mix. Can’t be adding to the mess just for our own convenience.

“In recent years, there has been a small bit of backlash against the ubiquitous use of antibacterial soaps. Indeed, research beginning in 2002 has continued to confirm that based on both effectiveness and potential negative side effects, there really is no reason to use these soaps and plenty of reasons not to. Here is the problem. Humans are dumping all kinds of chemicals into our (and other organisms’) water supply, that are not removed during sewage treatment (even when the water properly goes through sewage treatment). Among these is triclosan, which is a chemical used for its antibacterial properties and is an ingredient in many detergents, dish-washing liquids, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, anti-microbial creams, various toothpastes, and an additive in various plastics and textiles. Triclosan has been found in large proportions of human urinary samples. Not only do we know nothing about how ingesting all these various chemicals may be affecting us over the long term, we cannot begin to know the complex ways in which they are interacting with each other to create new, and potentially more toxic compounds.” – Source

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IBM Research Unveils Breakthrough In Solar Farm Technology

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

The trick to tapping concentrated sunlight of course is keeping the cells and wires from melting, this seems to be the IBM solar claim to fame as several others are using concentrators for greater power output.

“By mimicking the antics of a child using a magnifying glass to burn a leaf or a camper to start a fire, IBM scientists are using a large lens to concentrate the Sun’s power, capturing a record 230 watts onto a centimeter square solar cell, in a technology known as concentrator photovoltaics, or CPV. That energy is then converted into 70 watts of usable electrical power, about five times the electrical power density generated by typical cells using CPV technology in solar farms. By using a much lower number of photovoltaic cells in a solar farm and concentrating more light onto each cell using larger lenses, IBM’s system enables a significant cost advantage in terms of a lesser number of total components. For instance, by moving from a 200 sun system (“one sun” is a measurement equal to the solar power incident at noon on a clear summer day), where about 20 watts per square centimeter of power is concentrated onto the cell, to the IBM Lab results of a 2300 sun system, where approximately 230 watts per square centimeter are concentrated onto the cell system, the IBM system cuts the number of photovoltaic cells and other components by a factor of 10. The trick lies in IBM’s ability to cool the tiny solar cell. Concentrating the equivalent of 2000 suns on such a small area generates enough heat to melt stainless steel, something the researchers experienced first hand in their experiments. But by borrowing innovations from its own R&D in cooling computer chips, the team was able to cool the solar cell from greater than 1600 degrees Celsius to just 85 degrees Celsius. Specifically, the IBM team used a very thin layer of a liquid metal made of a gallium and indium compound that they applied between the chip and a cooling block. Such layers, called thermal interface layers, transfer the heat from the chip to the cooling block so that the chip temperature can be kept low. The IBM liquid metal solution offers the best thermal performance available today, at low costs, and the technology was successfully developed by IBM to cool high power computer chips earlier.” – Source

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Music ‘can enhance wine taste’

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

Wonder how much of this is perception or does it actually alter the wine? There is a theory that smells and tastes take on geometric forms which serve as lock and key systems for detection of the smell or taste at hand.

“Playing a certain type of music can enhance the way wine tastes, research by psychologists suggests. The Heriot Watt University study found people rated the change in taste by up to 60% depending on the melody heard. The researchers said cabernet sauvignon was most affected by “powerful and heavy” music, and chardonnay by “zingy and refreshing” sounds. Professor Adrian North said the study could lead retailers to put music recommendations on their wine bottles.” – Source

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Experimental Propulsion System Has No Moving Parts

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

It’s the ‘Hunt for Red October’ caterpillar drive system but so far it only works in water.

“JAPAN, the United States, and perhaps the Soviet Union, are racing to perfect a revolutionary type of propulsion for ships and submarines. It has no moving parts, is virtually silent and promises great reliability at relatively low cost. The basis for the advance is a tongue-twisting phenomenon known as magnetohydrodynamics, or MHD, in which magnetic fields are used to move water. There are no moving parts – no motors, no propellers, no gears and no drive shaft. Instead, a superconducting magnet, more efficient and powerful than conventional magnets, exerts a magnetic force on sea water passing through its core, driving water out the back and creating forward motion. The technology is featured in the movie ”The Hunt for Red October,” based on the book by Tom Clancy in which an advanced Soviet submarine powered by the process is hunted by the American and Soviet navies. Magnetohydrodynamics involves magnetic fields (magneto) and fluids (hydro) that conduct electricity and interact (dynamics). The phenomenon occurs naturally in the Earth’s core, giving rise to the planet’s magnetic field. In MHD propulsion, a pair of electrodes on either side of the thruster pass an electric current through sea water. The process does not work effectively with fresh water because it can carry little current. At a right angle to the current is the magnetic field generated by the superconducting magnet. The interaction of the magnetic field and the current produces a strong force on the water, moving it through the duct in the center of the magnet. If the polarity of the current is reversed, so is the direction of thrust. The action is identical to what happens with an electric motor when its magnetic field crosses a bundle of copper wires carrying an electric current, causing it to move and the central shaft of the motor to rotate. The activity in each case revolves around charged particles. In the motor, the current-filled wires are filled with moving electrons, which carry a negative charge, and are strongly acted upon by the magnetic field. In MHD propulsion, the electric current flowing through the seawater causes the formation of charged particles, or ions, which in a similar manner are acted upon by the powerful field of the superconducting magnet. It propels both the ions and the seawater.” – Source / And a simple DIY MHD demonstration.

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The machine that sorts out household rubbish automatically

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

A machine that powers itself and helps clean the environment of waste, excellent!

“Scientists have created the Autoclave system, which divides the waste for recycling on a huge scale and produces enough energy to power itself. Its inventors, AeroThermal, say that at some point in the future, householders could even sell their rubbish because there is potentially a profit in it. All steel and aluminium is cleaned during the process, plastics are reduced to recyclable pellets and glass is made reusable. Food and organic refuse is turned into a biogas that can be converted into green electricity. Even the steam that is used in the process is recaptured afterwards and re-used so nothing is released into the atmosphere. In two hours the technology, which acts like a giant steam-powered pressure cooker, can deal with 30 tonnes of municipal waste. “It powers itself and there is enough green electricity left over to put back into the national grid – and it could ensure we reach recycling targets. “The steel and aluminium is cleaned and all the labels are removed, and that increases its value. “The plastics, including plastic bags, are separated and reduced so they can be recycled. “And all the food and cellulose material is reduced to its basic form, and after it is put through an anaerobic digestion system it can be converted into electricity. “There is no need for us to ship any of our waste to China when we have the technology to sort it out then recycle it.” – Source

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Will rising ocean submerge part of South Florida?

Posted by keelynet on May 17, 2008

Seems like early preparation (as in MOVING) is a smart thing to be doing. Or do we learn nothing from New Orleans?

“The South Florida Water Management District’s long-term plans once anticipated the sea level rising about 1 foot by 2100, but more recent projections say the rise could be five times as much. That could move the southern tip of Florida’s mainland to the Tamiami Trail and submerge swaths of some of the most populated areas along the southeast coast. From flooding to more saltwater seeping in and fouling drinking water supplies, climate change is an issue that needs more attention, said Jayantha Obeysekera, who will lead the district’s global warming review. “We cannot put up walls and stop the sea level,” Obeysekera said. “Let’s start looking at it [and] see what our vulnerabilities are.” Even if the worst-case scenario doesn’t play out, a less dramatic rise in the sea level could create problems for South Florida, said Carol Ann Wehle, executive director of the agency. If the sea level rises 2 feet, the vast system of drainage canals that relies on gravity to keep South Florida dry will not work, Wehle said. That would mean investing in pumps to push water out to sea, she said. Saltwater from the ocean for decades has been seeping in and threatening freshwater wells near the coast. The district might need to consider creating new well fields farther inland, Wehle said.” – Source

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