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UV Invention kills resistant diseases; MRSA to dust mites tremble

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

The price is high for these initial units but with production orders increasing, it will go down. I understand you can do the same thing with RIFE frequencies broadcast on CB radio or modulated light.

“Inventor Ed Neister has developed the technology to kill Noroviruses, C. diff, MRSA and other problem viruses and bacteria using a section of the ultraviolet light, or UV, spectrum to bombard them with killing high-energy photons. Several of the units have been sold and are being tested in this country and abroad. The Neisters say their own research shows Sterilray is astoundingly effective, up to 10,000 times more deadly than chemical cleaners. But they are waiting for results from government and private industry now trying out the new units, and for word to spread that Sterilray performs as advertised. Then the market for their hand-held disinfection wands could be worldwide — and huge. The problem Sterilray targets has been quietly growing in hospitals worldwide as overuse of antibiotics has created strains of resistant microorganisms that cause everything from annoying intestinal distress in the case of the Norwalk virus to staph infections that can kill weakened patients. Several years ago, health officials began to see infections occurring outside hospitals. There is new awareness that adequate cleaning is needed not just in hospitals but also hotels, workplaces and public gathering places such as cruise ships. In 1993, there were fewer than 2,000 reported MRSA infections in U.S. hospitals. By 2007, 880,000 cases or 2.4 percent of all patients, were infected. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a staph superbug. How dirty are hospitals? A recent survey of 49 operating rooms in four New England hospitals found that over half the surfaces in the operating room that were supposed to be disinfected by hospital cleaners were left uncleaned,” said McCaughey. The most common method has been to use a solution of various disinfecting chemicals and water, often a 10 percent bleach solution. In other applications, such as sewer plants, ultraviolet light has been used for years to incapacitate germs by exposing water to UV rays in what is known as the “germicidal” spectrum. This works by interfering with the germ’s DNA so it cannot reproduce. This can come undone, however. After research in conjunction the University of New Hampshire, Neister found that by directing photons from the “far” UV spectrum he not only inactivated the germs’ DNA but actually broke it up, killing them. Neister began working on manufacturing a small device that could generate far UV in a mobile disinfecting unit. He has applied for and has had 22 patents accepted related to the Sterilray light wand. Once Neister knew he’d found the right UV frequency, he focused on designing a functional device that could be carried from room to room and easily used by a cleaning worker. The first prototype of his light wand weighed 11 pounds. Neister since has reduced it to 4 pounds. It looks like a clothes iron with a thin light bulb tucked into its hot iron end. The wand emits a purplish light that is shined 2 to 6 inches above a surface to disinfect it. Results take less than a second. Its power comes from the larger power pack the wand is stored in. They will not be cheap, costing roughly $26,000 each. But the cost should come down as more units are produced. Ed believes his far UV frequency also will kill dust mites and allergens. Soon he plans to begin offering a home disinfection service for $100. Information about this will be available at For more information about the company, Healthy Environment Innovations, go to or call 879-0503.” – Source

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