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Solutions ala Ghandi

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

I can’t imagine how drastic things would have to be before the majority of people would EVER pursue the tactic of non-compliance but its an interesting concept.

“Being able to free your MIND–being able to escape the mindset of a slave–and then trying to help others do the same, will not only reveal a power and a freedom you never knew you had, but will plant the seed which will, slowly but surely, grow into the solution that will end all tyranny. As Steven Biko said, the greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed. So are you ready to wrench YOUR mind out of the grip of your enslavers? Or are you still too attached to the cult of “government”? Peasants must never be allowed to realize the power they have. Their power can be “deadly” to your regime, even if they do not resort to violence at all. Gandhi led millions of people in India in a bizarre “revolution” that crippled British control of the country. Amazingly, they did this without any violence. To a large extent, they defeated an empire by doing nothing. Mere passive noncompliance with the commands of an empire (a.k.a. “doing nothing”), if done by enough of the subjects, spells certain doom for any tyrant. If one day all of your victims decide not to pay your “taxes” any more, there is nothing you can do to preserve your power. If they all decide to ignore your laws, your “laws” cease to exist. Always remember: your “authority” exists only in the minds of the peasants. If they ever stop perceiving you as an “authority,” your reign is over. And it probably won’t even be a dramatic, violent end. Instead, you may simply fizzle into irrelevant oblivion, as the peasants, including your enforcers, simply “forget” to bow to your will. They won’t even need to oust you; they will simply ignore you out of existence. Choose any historical tyrant and imagine what would happen if one day everyone in his regime woke up and said: “That guy is looney-tunes, and I’m not listening to him any more (and his mustache looks stupid too).” Would they then feel the wrath of the tyrant? Nope, because there would be no one to enforce that “wrath.” The power of every tyrant is 100% illusion, and you darn well better know how to keep that illusion alive if you want to stay in power.” – Source

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