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Archive for May 14th, 2008

Alternative fuel — a back to the future proposition

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

Loved this mention of the SAAB steam powered car plus the electric starter as sounding the death knell for everything NOT gasoline powered.

“Plug-in hybrids, that could provide a completely electrical ride for 40 miles, satisfying 78 percent of the average daily U.S. commute, are being developed by some of the major automakers. Unfortunately, they still appear to be a few years away from the showroom floor. It may surprise some Americans to learn that the electrical vehicle we wish we could buy now is not a new idea to the auto industry. In fact, the internal combustion engine we’ve grown up with was just one of three significant schools of automotive engineering thought. The first electric car was designed by William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa, in 1891 (Men, Money and Motors, T. MacManus, Harper Bros. 1929). For whatever reason, maybe because they represented the older generation, Henry Ford didn’t dig electric cars. Early on, steam-power was the third front in the engineering war over which technology would dominate the industry. Speed and absence of vibration were steam’s external combustion engine virtues. The drawback was taking more than a minute to warm up before being able to drive away. Mostly it’s a forgotten technology, but something reminiscent of today’s pain revived the idea, even if it never reached full-scale production. During the Arabian oil embargo of 1973, Saab engineered a prototype steam-powered car. It used an electronically-controlled, lightweight, multi-parallel circuit generator about the size of a car battery that could generate 160 horse power. Quick start-up was achieved by storing compressed air which powered the car until sufficient steam-pressure was built up. What killed both steam and electric vehicles back in the day was invention of the electric starter for gasoline engines. Before that you had to use a hand crank to fire that baby up. In cold weather when the crankcase oil was thick this could be nearly impossible for anyone not having considerable upper body strength. Occasionally starting could be dangerous, with many an arm broken when the engine back-fired and spun the crank around like a shot. What a different world it might be today if electrical vehicles circa 1910 had left internal combustion buggies in the ditch instead of the other way around.” – Source

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Politics, Agendas and Then… Science

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

Separation of church and state, separation of science and politics.

“In what is becoming a continuing battle between science, politics and special interest groups, more than half of the 1586 EPA scientists who responded to an independent survey from the Union of Concerned Scientists claimed they had experienced some kind of interference from lobbyists and political leaders. This interference usually came in the form of some sort of suppression or distortion of scientific findings, or the selective use of data to push forward a specific regulatory outcome. Some cases even included political figures directing a scientist to alter or omit inconvenient data from a report. Francesca Grifo of the Union of Concerned Scientists states, “Distorting science to accommodate a narrow political agenda threatens our environment, our health and our democracy itself.” However, a government spokesman denies the administrative manipulation saying that scientific findings are merely being balanced with policy concerns.” – Source

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UV Invention kills resistant diseases; MRSA to dust mites tremble

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

The price is high for these initial units but with production orders increasing, it will go down. I understand you can do the same thing with RIFE frequencies broadcast on CB radio or modulated light.

“Inventor Ed Neister has developed the technology to kill Noroviruses, C. diff, MRSA and other problem viruses and bacteria using a section of the ultraviolet light, or UV, spectrum to bombard them with killing high-energy photons. Several of the units have been sold and are being tested in this country and abroad. The Neisters say their own research shows Sterilray is astoundingly effective, up to 10,000 times more deadly than chemical cleaners. But they are waiting for results from government and private industry now trying out the new units, and for word to spread that Sterilray performs as advertised. Then the market for their hand-held disinfection wands could be worldwide — and huge. The problem Sterilray targets has been quietly growing in hospitals worldwide as overuse of antibiotics has created strains of resistant microorganisms that cause everything from annoying intestinal distress in the case of the Norwalk virus to staph infections that can kill weakened patients. Several years ago, health officials began to see infections occurring outside hospitals. There is new awareness that adequate cleaning is needed not just in hospitals but also hotels, workplaces and public gathering places such as cruise ships. In 1993, there were fewer than 2,000 reported MRSA infections in U.S. hospitals. By 2007, 880,000 cases or 2.4 percent of all patients, were infected. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a staph superbug. How dirty are hospitals? A recent survey of 49 operating rooms in four New England hospitals found that over half the surfaces in the operating room that were supposed to be disinfected by hospital cleaners were left uncleaned,” said McCaughey. The most common method has been to use a solution of various disinfecting chemicals and water, often a 10 percent bleach solution. In other applications, such as sewer plants, ultraviolet light has been used for years to incapacitate germs by exposing water to UV rays in what is known as the “germicidal” spectrum. This works by interfering with the germ’s DNA so it cannot reproduce. This can come undone, however. After research in conjunction the University of New Hampshire, Neister found that by directing photons from the “far” UV spectrum he not only inactivated the germs’ DNA but actually broke it up, killing them. Neister began working on manufacturing a small device that could generate far UV in a mobile disinfecting unit. He has applied for and has had 22 patents accepted related to the Sterilray light wand. Once Neister knew he’d found the right UV frequency, he focused on designing a functional device that could be carried from room to room and easily used by a cleaning worker. The first prototype of his light wand weighed 11 pounds. Neister since has reduced it to 4 pounds. It looks like a clothes iron with a thin light bulb tucked into its hot iron end. The wand emits a purplish light that is shined 2 to 6 inches above a surface to disinfect it. Results take less than a second. Its power comes from the larger power pack the wand is stored in. They will not be cheap, costing roughly $26,000 each. But the cost should come down as more units are produced. Ed believes his far UV frequency also will kill dust mites and allergens. Soon he plans to begin offering a home disinfection service for $100. Information about this will be available at For more information about the company, Healthy Environment Innovations, go to or call 879-0503.” – Source

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Finding new frontiers in energy investing

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

Some great ideas in this article especially with regard to increasing motor efficiencies.

“The progress of major civilizations has depended largely on finding new and better sources of cheap energy. Energy has even functioned as the catalyst for many of the world’s wars and continues to do so today. Xtreme Power Solutions provides a critical component for large-scale energy storage to wind and PV farms, replacement of peak-power plants and large, stand-by power capacity. Its batteries have virtually no energy loss, last for decades, are environmentally friendly and can be configured to megawatt quantities. They act like a capacitor with low resistance under load and can be charged and discharged at incredible rates. It is impractical to discuss energy without the presence of water. Over 50% of all electricity used in the U.S. is used to move water. Our investment in Ice Energy was specifically targeted to utilize low-cost, night-time electricity, and the 20-degree day/night temperature difference in some areas of the world to store air conditioning energy for use during the day. The inexpensive technology moves 95 percent of the peak electrical demand for refrigeration-based air conditioning to night, significantly lowering the cost of air conditioning and improving overall energy performance. SNTech, a Korean company that has discovered what may be the greatest single contribution to energy in this decade-a new electric motor design that reduces electrical consumption by 80 percent, while staying consistent with the cost of existing motors. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 60 percent of all electricity in the U.S. is consumed by electric motors. This single invention could free up enough energy to eliminate the need for constructing future power plants in our lifetime. Additionally, with over 1.2 billion electric motors sold each year in the U.S. alone, this company has the potential for truly breathtaking returns for its investors. ORYXE Energy’s fuel additive dramatically reduces pollution, however state regulators have yet to be convinced that this particular technology should be mandated. Another example of an energy investment facing regulatory approval is Ice Energy’s Ice Bear™ 50 technology. This company’s innovation is worth billions, but requires government regulation for electrical costs and must be negotiated utility by utility.” – Source

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Stressed seaweed lives under a cloud of its own making

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

What an amazing idea. Natural cloud seeding by plants to bring the rain.

“Stress among the plants can alter weather patterns, according to researchers at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the University of Manchester. On an overcast day kelp are comfortable when the tide goes out, as they stay damp until it comes in again. But on a bright day they dry, releasing iodide. The iodide rises, causing clouds to form overhead, sheltering the kelp from the unwelcome sunshine. Frithjof Küpper, of the Scottish Association for Marine Science, who led the research, said that the salt helped to neutralise ozone in the atmosphere and, as it rose, “these chemicals act as condensation nuclei around which clouds may form”. – Source

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Solutions ala Ghandi

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

I can’t imagine how drastic things would have to be before the majority of people would EVER pursue the tactic of non-compliance but its an interesting concept.

“Being able to free your MIND–being able to escape the mindset of a slave–and then trying to help others do the same, will not only reveal a power and a freedom you never knew you had, but will plant the seed which will, slowly but surely, grow into the solution that will end all tyranny. As Steven Biko said, the greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed. So are you ready to wrench YOUR mind out of the grip of your enslavers? Or are you still too attached to the cult of “government”? Peasants must never be allowed to realize the power they have. Their power can be “deadly” to your regime, even if they do not resort to violence at all. Gandhi led millions of people in India in a bizarre “revolution” that crippled British control of the country. Amazingly, they did this without any violence. To a large extent, they defeated an empire by doing nothing. Mere passive noncompliance with the commands of an empire (a.k.a. “doing nothing”), if done by enough of the subjects, spells certain doom for any tyrant. If one day all of your victims decide not to pay your “taxes” any more, there is nothing you can do to preserve your power. If they all decide to ignore your laws, your “laws” cease to exist. Always remember: your “authority” exists only in the minds of the peasants. If they ever stop perceiving you as an “authority,” your reign is over. And it probably won’t even be a dramatic, violent end. Instead, you may simply fizzle into irrelevant oblivion, as the peasants, including your enforcers, simply “forget” to bow to your will. They won’t even need to oust you; they will simply ignore you out of existence. Choose any historical tyrant and imagine what would happen if one day everyone in his regime woke up and said: “That guy is looney-tunes, and I’m not listening to him any more (and his mustache looks stupid too).” Would they then feel the wrath of the tyrant? Nope, because there would be no one to enforce that “wrath.” The power of every tyrant is 100% illusion, and you darn well better know how to keep that illusion alive if you want to stay in power.” – Source

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Talk to the Dead with the Alpha Phase Descent video synch

Posted by keelynet on May 14, 2008

I’ve always been fascinated by electronic voice communication techniques so this article caught my eye. It reminded of Dr. Raymond Moody’s ‘PsychoManteum’ and Dr. George Meek’s experiments with the Spiricomm which used some 13 simultaneous audio frequencies that could be ‘formant filtered’ and volume adjusted to produce recognizable speech.

“Central to communicating with the dead is inducing a receptive state. My new technique is the first to use tested scientific principles to induce such a state via what’s known as an Alpha Phase Descent. The receptive state induced by the Alpha Phase decent is achieved by synchronizing the brains Alpha waves to 10 hertz by using a ‘stroboscope’ which is essentially a high intensity light that flashes in quick succession. I then combine this with tested proven self hypnosis methods – techniques most often associated with deep meditation. Test my technique; use this Alpha Phase Video Synch to induce the receptive state you need for talking with the dead. Read warning statement before you begin. For more information on this technique click here. Sit comfortably in front of your computer. Once the Alpha Phase Descent Video Synch begins to roll, focus on it. Do not look anywhere but at the screen and listen intently to the instructions. – Source / Additional info for experimenting with this type of claim posted years ago on KeelyNet as ‘the PsychoManteum’.

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