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Archive for May 3rd, 2008

Neeroga – a wonder anti-ageing medicine

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

I don’t have any other information on this product but it sounds fascinating!

Neeroga is a unique formulation which can easily root out all ailments caused by toxins and various viruses. It was developed after seven years of dedicated research by Dr GR Saini and his team at the Saini Herbal Research & Development Center. It is a modern ‘Sanjivani’ (life giver) by using which old people become young and young become younger. This product complies with the basic Ayurvedic concept of keeping healthy persons fit and bringing relief to the diseased. It has been tried by several people ranging in age from15 years to 94 years and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Ailments related to vital organs viz kidney, liver, heart, brain and lungs were found to be cured by this medicine and it also strengthened the body’s immune system. This wonder drug called ‘Neeroga’ helps people to live a healthy life and to live up to hundred. Such a composition has been mentioned even in ancient Ayurvedic texts. Apart from giving a younger, glowing and fairer skin, this drug can help to cure many diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cardiac ailments, liver disorders, respiratory stress, and many other ailments. Another remarkable result of the trial of this drug was that the patient remains cured and healthy even when the dosage is discontinued after treatment. This medicine has worked wonders on people. Even octogenarians who were unable to walk or see could actually run. They became fitter in many ways. Their cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels etc jumped back to normal and they stopped taking allopathic medicines. Problems of breathlessness and other respiratory ailments can also be treated with the help of this medicine. People having a count of 42 breaths per minute were treated with the help of this medicine and their count went down to 25 breaths per minute after about a month of treatment. Within 24 hours of administering the medicine, the breathing count reduces by 1 to 6 per minute. Dr GR Saini says, “With the introduction of Neeroga my dream of presenting a herbal composition which should be easy to administer, simple, quick and effective in curing all diseases without any side effects is now fulfilled.” / (Neither KeelyNet nor I have any affiliation with this product, just thought it was an interesting set of claims that some might like to test. – JWD)” – Source

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For Exxon Mobil, $10.9 Billion Profit Disappoints

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

No end to greed!

“Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, said Thursday that its first-quarter net income rose 17 percent, boosted by surging oil prices. But even as it posted the second-most profitable quarter in its history, Exxon’s earnings managed to disappoint investors because of a drop in oil production.” – Source

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Catfish guts make Biomass Fuel

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

Again, using and copying nature to save our collective butts.

“Taking inspiration from a cow’s digestive tract, bacteria from a South American catfish and raw material from pretty much any plant that grows, Tifton scientist J.C. Bell may have come up with an ingenious way to make gasoline and other fuels. His formula is simple. Basically: Biomass (such as grass clippings or wood chips) plus the right bacteria equals gasoline or diesel fuel. Use bacteria from the guts of Amazonian catfish that eat wood and, boom, you’ve got a way to make oil – roughly 2 barrels of it for every ton of biomass, Bell said. Given a U.S. Department of Agriculture study that shows that there’s 1.1 billion tons a year of “easily recoverable biomass” created in the United States each year with the potential to produce twice that much, Bell is predicting that he can make a dent in the country’s energy needs.” – Source

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A green fuel solution?

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

The article indicates this claim is being tested by the state for verification.

“An Oregon inventor says he may have the solution to high gas prices, car emissions and global warming. He says the answer is in a bottle of fuel additive. He’s studied and tested his secret formula for years in his garage, and finally thinks it’s the right time for the fuel catalyst to hit the streets. ” ‘Improving air quality won’t be easy,’ ” said Dr. Bob Kurko, quoting today’s front page headline from the Idaho Statesman. “It will be very easy (actually), as soon as this goes into all fuels: diesel; auto fuel; boat fuel; it will take care of lawn mowers, and anything that burns fuel will burn it ultra clean.” Dr. Kurko and his E3 Fuels company team met with Idaho’s Commerce and USDA officials today. They are interested in establishing plants in Idaho that will produce their product, and they say their fuel additive invention will reduce vehicle emissions by 90 percent and increase fuel economy by one third. For more information about E3 Fuels, you can check out the company’s website at:” – Source

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Location logging GPS TrackStick

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

Such a way cool device!

“The Super Trackstick is the perfect tool for individuals, law enforcement and government agencies looking for a way to track anything that moves. The Super Trackstick records its own location, time, date, speed, heading, altitude and temperature at preset intervals. With over 4Mb of memory, it can store months of travel information.” – Source

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Grains or Fuel?

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

Grain Companies’ Profits Soar As Global Food Crisis Mounts

“At a time when parts of the world are facing food riots, Big Agriculture is dealing with a different sort of challenge: huge profits. On Tuesday, grain-processing giant Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. said its fiscal third-quarter profits jumped 42%, including a sevenfold increase in net income in its unit that stores, transports and trades grains such as wheat and corn, as well as soybeans. Monsanto Co., maker of seeds and herbicides, Deere & Co., which builds tractors, combines and sprayers, and fertilizer maker Mosaic Co. all reported similar windfalls in their latest quarters. The robust profits are emerging against the backdrop of a food crisis some experts say is the worst in three decades. The secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, on Tuesday called for the creation of a high-level global task force to deal with the cascading impact of high grain prices and oil prices. He said that countries must do more to avert “social unrest on an unprecedented scale” and should contribute money to make up for the $755 million shortfall in funding for the World Food Program, which feeds the world’s hungry.” – Source

Destabilizing Grain Markets

“At the present time, the production of biofuels to solve America’s critical energy problem involves placing one of the two most sensitive commodities in the economy, food, at the disposal of the other most sensitive commodity, energy. It’s almost cannibalistic. Ethanol is produced by grinding the corn into a powder, which is then mixed with water and heated. An enzyme is added to produce a solution of sugar. Yeast is then added, creating fermentation in the form of beer, which has about 10 percent alcohol. A distillation process then converts the mixture to pure alcohol. Gas is added to make the pure alcohol unpalatable for human consumption. This ethanol can be used directly or as an additive to power automobiles. As usage grew, pressures were put on the corn market and shortly the price of corn rose. Corn began to consume more acreage as more farmers took advantage of the newly created profits. Less acreage for other grains, notably wheat, increased. Hops, a bi-product of barley, increased from $4 to $40 per pound. Ethanol has destabilized the grain markets. Fields where barley, wheat and oats were previously planted now grow corn. With the introduction of biodiesel, made from oilseeds such as soybeans, the problem has become more exacerbated.” – Source

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Cellular Matrix promotes Regeneration

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

This discovery has so many possibilities to restore damaged tissue.

“After accidentally cutting his finger tip off, Mr Speivak’s brother Alan – who was working in the field of regenerative medicine – sent him the powder. For ten days Mr Spievak put a little on his finger. “The second time I put it on I already could see growth. Each day it was up further. Finally it closed up and was a finger. “It took about four weeks before it was sealed.” Now he says he has “complete feeling, complete movement.” The “pixie dust” comes from the University of Pittsburgh, though in the lab Dr Stephen Badylak prefers to call it extra cellular matrix. The process he has been pioneering over the last few years involves scraping the cells from the lining of a pig’s bladder. The remaining tissue is then placed into acid, “cleaned” of all cells, and dried out. It can be turned into sheets, or a powder. “One way to think about these matrices is that we have taken out many of the stimuli for scar tissue formation and left those signals that were always there anyway for constructive remodelling.” In other words when the extra cellular matrix is put on a wound, scientists believe it stimulates cells in the tissue to grow rather than scar. If they can perfect the technique, it might mean one day they could repair not just a severed finger, but severely burnt skin, or even damaged organs.” / (link provided courtesy of Paul Carlson)

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Gasoline to cost $10 a gallon in US soon?

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

This sounds awfully far fetched but the way things are going, anything is possible.

“Translating this price into dollars and cents at the gas pump, one of our forecasters, the chairman of Houston-based Dune Energy, Alan Gaines, sees gas rising to $7-$8 a gallon. The other, a commodities tracker at Weiss Research in Jupiter, Fla., Sean Brodrick, projects a range of $8 to $10 a gallon. While $7-$10 a gallon would be ground-breaking in America, these prices would not be trendsetting internationally. For example, European drivers are already shelling out $9 a gallon (which includes a $2-a-gallon tax). Early last year, with a barrel of oil trading in the low $50s and gasoline nationally selling in a range of $2.30 to $2.50 a gallon, Mr. Gaines — in an impressive display of crystal ball gazing — accurately predicted oil was $100-bound and that gasoline would follow suit by reaching $4 a gallon. His latest prediction of $200 oil is open to question, since it would undoubtedly create considerable global economic distress. Further, just about every energy expert I talk to cautions me to expect a sizable pullback in oil prices, maybe to between $50 and $70 a barrel, especially if there’s a global economic slowdown. While Mr. Gaines thinks there could be a temporary decline in the oil price, he’s convinced an overall uptrend is unstoppable. In fact, he thinks his $200 forecast could be conservative, and that perhaps $250 could be reached. His reasoning: a combination of shrinking supply and increasing demand, especially from China, India, and America.” – Source

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Space war would leave destructive legacy

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

A world too dependent on satellites for communication and so many other uses.

“If war ever breaks out in space it’s not the loss of individual satellites that will do the damage, but the debris this produces. It will stay in orbit and go on harming satellites for decades, according to two studies presented at the American Physical Society meeting in St Louis, Missouri, last week. “We have built up such high redundancy to space assets that we’re almost invulnerable,” says Geoff Forden of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who assessed the risk posed by China to the US. He found that only a few of the US’s low-Eart-orbit satellites are over China at any one time, and that higher-orbiting satellites used for GPS, communications and surveillance could only be destroyed by multistage missiles, for which China has only three launch pads. Crucially, any space attack would increase debris, which can have a long-lasting effect on satellites. David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington DC reports that destruction of one 10-tonne spy satellite in low-Earth orbit “would double or triple the debris” in that zone. Every new collision produces even more debris, triggering a cascade of satellite break-ups with time.” – Source

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Cross-eyes now Cured by Pictures (Feb, 1933)

Posted by keelynet on May 3, 2008

An amazing claim, but it makes sense since vision is a function of muscles as Dr. Bates said many years ago.

“Curing cross-eyes is play for youthful patients at a New York eye clinic, opened recently. A child places a pair of attractive picture slides in an instrument resembling an old-fashioned stereoscope and manipulates the device to make the pictures fuse together. Thus he tries to trap a lion in a cage or catch a butterfly in a net. Through corrective exercises of this sort, a cure is often effected without recourse to a surgical operation, which hitherto was nearly always considered necessary. / (Reminds me of Dr. Bates claims that proper eye exercises could cure eye problems. – JWD)” – Source

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