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Cleve Backster, eMeters and the “singing plant”

Posted by keelynet on April 26, 2008

There have been plant water sensors and other feedback devices such as Cleve Backsters use of the extremely sensitive high gain e-meters used in scientology, to detect the fine electrical responses in plants.

This is a novel approach and I’m sure a savvy inventor can see applications that might become the next fad. It’s not new technology by any means, just good that it is being used to educate and entertain the public.

When I visited Cleve years ago in San Diego, he worked all night in his lab providing security for the Jewelry Exchange building where he had the entire 5th floor (I believe) to himself. It was once a DEA drug lab so had sinks and other accoutrements, as well as Cleve’s tools and microscopes which he used for his research.

He had a plant with big leaves, a phylodendron I think it was, which he placed on a table between two chairs in which we sat. Attached to the leaves were wide, flat electrodes connected to an eMeter. I asked him what it was for and he laughed, saying it would tell him if I was lying at any time by watching the meter needle. He knew I was from Texas and wondered why the oil-rich Texans never came to visit as he needed the money for his projects.

I asked him what he wanted and what was it for? He said he wanted $50,000 to do a project with football teams for remote sensing monitoring their cells in a faraway lab while they played on the field.

Also that he’d like a project with NASA where astronauts who go behind the moon, out of radio reception, could have their vital signs detected by cellular transmissions from their living bodies to living cells being monitored on the earth.

“The Singing Plant is an installation that lets the audience interact with a natural plant. “When the plant is touched it gives feedback in the forms of sounds and light. The more people touch it, the more enegetically it responds. The sound gains volume and the light in the room grows from dim to bright. “People’s reactions become part of the installation. We have seen people pity the plant. We have seen people caress it. And we have seen people dance enthusiastically around it. “The purpose is not to provide answers, but to question established preceptions of the relationship between man, machine and nature. “The exhibition went well in the Botanical Garden about 11,000 people came by and saw our installations. We made a video you can see it here…” / (This is an application based on the decades long research efforts of Cleve Backster into ‘primary perception’. – JWD)” – Source

On the long defunct TV show, ‘That’s Incredible’, they had a segment interviewing Cleve Backster. I did a search on youtube for Cleve Backster and found a wide range of videos but none specifically with this segment which I have on VHS and need to post.

In the segment, Cleve gave a female volunteer saltwater which she was to swish around in her mouth for a few minutes, then spit. It turns out that leukocytes outside the body will die within minutes, however, ORAL leukocytes can live up to 8 hours and more even outside the body.

Cleve centrifuged the lighter fluids from the spit containing the oral leukocytes until a thick goo was left. He placed these living tissues into a petri dish and attached two electrodes connected to an EEG…note that he used an EEG (electro encephalograph) which is very sensitive and used to monitor brain impulses as opposed to an EMG (electro myograph) which is much less sensitive and used to monitor muscle impulses.

The petri dish and equipment were in one room, while the woman sat calmly in another room on the other side of the lab. She was also wired up to show her electronic impulses WHICH MATCHED those of the remote living cells from her own body. Cleve asked her what would get her excited and she said if her boyfriend entered the room without his shirt. The readings from her body and the remote cells both jumped at the same time.

To show that distance was no barrier to the transmissions between living cells, Cleve arranged for the woman to be driven to a dark and sleazy side of San Diego. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the funds for remote monitoring from that distance back then, but a van with a time synced camera watched her as she walked down a dimly lit street. The screen was split to show the petri dish back at the lab.

A bum walked up the lady and asked her for money. The fear she displayed quite visibly in the video was reflected by sharp impulses of her own living cells back at the lab, several miles away and at the same time!

This basic discovery has more applications than anyone can imagine but funding is needed to develop them. Imagine a communication system that CANNOT BE BLOCKED…there is more on spread out in various files but thats enough for this post. If you’d like to check into funding this and other advanced research, check out my lab project or contact Cleve directly if you want to know more from the link above.

Update 04/28/08: Thanks to Cleve and Franci for reminding me it was a DEA, not an FBI drug lab, it was about 20 years or so ago so not quite 100% recall on my part. Also, they sent a youtube URL to introduce Cleves’ work. If you’d like to contact Cleve and Franci, perhaps with a funding offer for some of his projects, there are many of them which have commercial and health related possibilities that could be of great benefit and offer totally new insights.

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