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Archive for April 18th, 2008

New Ways to Store Solar Energy for Nighttime and Cloudy Days

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

Storing energy thermally..hmmm….well, if they can insulate it well enough, it should work.

“The difficulty is that electricity is hard to store. Batteries are not up to efficiently storing energy on a large scale. A different approach being tried by the solar power industry could eliminate the problem. The idea is to capture the sun’s heat. Heat, unlike electric current, is something that industry knows how to store cost-effectively. For example, a coffee thermos and a laptop computer’s battery store about the same amount of energy, said John S. O’Donnell, executive vice president of a company in the solar thermal business, Ausra. The thermos costs about $5 and the laptop battery $150, he said, and “that’s why solar thermal is going to be the dominant form.” Solar thermal systems are built to gather heat from the sun, boil water into steam, spin a turbine and make power, as existing solar thermal power plants do — but not immediately. The heat would be stored for hours or even days, like water behind a dam. “You take the energy the sun is putting into the earth that day, store it and capture it, put it into the reservoir, and use it on demand,” said Terry Murphy, president and chief executive of SolarReserve, a company backed in part by United Technologies, the Hartford conglomerate. Power plants are typically designed with a heat production system matched to their electric generators. Mr. Murphy sees no reason why his should. His design is for a power tower that can supply 540 megawatts of heat. At the high temperatures it could achieve, that would produce 250 megawatts of electricity, enough to run a fair-size city. It might make more sense to produce a smaller quantity and run well into the evening or around the clock or for several days when it is cloudy, he said.” – Source

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Laser Used to Trigger Lightning in a Thunderstorm

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

There was a kind of occult science novel whose title I fail to recall, but it suggested the pyramids were used to project ionized laser beams to draw down lightning which was stored in the Ark of the Covenant and other high density electrical storage systems. (Don’t get excited with the pyramid photo, this one is in Las Vegas and just shows a freak lightning hit as an example of my anecdote. – JWD)

A UV laser definitely ionizes the air and one day soon we will seen UV Tasers that require no wires. A super high charge is builtup in the gun, the beam is aimed at the target and the electrical energy follows the beam to stun and even destroy (with enough energy) the target.

“A team of European scientists has deliberately triggered electrical activity in thunderclouds for the first time by aiming high-power pulses of laser light into a thunderstorm. At the top of South Baldy Peak in New Mexico during two passing thunderstorms, the researchers used laser pulses to create plasma filaments that could conduct electricity. No air-to-ground lightning was triggered because the filaments were too short-lived, but the laser pulses generated discharges in the thunderclouds themselves up to several meters long.” – Source

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Why the US is collapsing (worth the read!)

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

I was shocked by this article but it sure sets up an interesting viewpoint.

“This is the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party explaining how the US went bankrupt in 1971, and has been covering it up through an accelerating whack-a-mole borrowing frenzy that is bursting right now. It has been paying rapidly growing VISA bills using MasterCard and vice versa for 37 years. The creditors are catching up, and the US is about to go extinct as a superpower. Become irrelevant. It is not yet on its death bed, it is still walking, breathing and capable of entertaining a conversation in public. But there are ominous bloodstains on its hands used to cover the painful coughing.” – Source

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Truckers Protest, the Resistance Begins

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

Have to admire these guys for standing up and risking their own livelihood and finances. Is this what it will take (and I suspect A LOT MORE) to force changes? They are exactly right to be pissed when the government bales out Bear Stearns and ignores the workers who provide the money to do it via taxes.

“Until the beginning of this month, Americans seemed to have nothing to say about their ongoing economic ruin except, “Hit me! Please, hit me again!” You can take my house, but let me mow the lawn for you one more time before you repossess. Take my job and I’ll just slink off somewhere out of sight. Oh, and take my health insurance too; I can always fall back on Advil. Then, on April 1, in a wave of defiance, truck drivers began taking the strongest form of action they can take – inaction. Faced with $4/gallon diesel fuel, they slowed down, shut down and started honking. On the New Jersey Turnpike, a convoy of trucks stretching “as far as the eye can see,” according to a turnpike spokesman, drove at a glacial 20 mph. Outside of Chicago, they slowed and drove three abreast, blocking traffic and taking arrests. They jammed into Harrisburg PA; they slowed down the Port of Tampa where 50 rigs sat idle in protest. Near Buffalo, one driver told the press he was taking the week off “to pray for the economy.” The truckers who organized the protests – by CB radio and Internet – have a specific goal: reducing the price of diesel fuel. They are owner-operators, meaning they are also business people, and they can’t break even with current fuel costs. They want the government to release its fuel reserves. They want an investigation into oil company profits and government subsidies of the oil companies. Of the drivers I talked to, all were acutely aware that the government had found, in the course of a weekend, $30 billion to bail out Bear Stearns, while their own businesses are in a tailspin. Suppose homeowners were to start making their foreclosures into public events-inviting the neighbors and the press, at least getting someone to camcord the children sitting disconsolately on the steps and the furniture spread out on the lawn. Maybe, for a nice dramatic touch, have the neighbors shower the bankers, when they arrive, with dollar bills and loose change, since those bankers never can seem to get enough. See The American Driver for more info. – (Thanks to Bill Ward for the headsup on this. – JWD)” – Source

People should be aware of what the Founding Fathers sacrificed for our country. Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Can you imagine anyone you know willing to risk all for their ‘convictions’?

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Ethanol-laced gasoline’s effect on fiberglass fuel tanks

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

More bad news about ethanol and its lesser known consequences.

“Bob Adriance, technical director for the Boat Owners Assn. of the United States, said ethanol’s dangers were widely known these days among the group’s 650,000 members. But skippers in California and New York, the first states to adopt ethanol-blended gasoline, had to figure it out themselves. “They really got hammered because they didn’t know anything. They just suddenly had filters being clogged, and then, some people not only had to replace their fiberglass tanks, they also had to replace engines,” Adriance said. “It can cost tens of thousands of dollars — more than the boat’s worth in many cases.”
Adriance said they also were the first to suffer from ethanol’s other effects, including its tendency to scour a fuel tank of gums, resins and debris, carrying the gunk into fuel filters. Ethanol also attracts water, and over time, water-laden ethanol can separate from the rest of the gasoline, wreaking havoc with the engine. Those problems require boaters to make adjustments, but they are manageable, said Adriance, who also edits Seaworthy, a publication by sister organization BoatUS Marine Insurance. He said newer boats had ethanol-tolerant fiberglass tanks and other components, but older boats with certain types of fiberglass tanks, rubber seals, hoses and gaskets and the like could be severely damaged by ethanol-laced fuel. California’s Air Resources Board, the agency that shepherded the switch from MTBE to ethanol as a fuel additive, was surprised to hear that boats had been damaged by the state’s 5.7% ethanol fuel blend, which is well below the 10% blends common elsewhere in the country.” – Source

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Russia To Build an Orbital Construction Plant

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

THIS is the way to go for space travel, then the moon and perfect the technology then to other planets.

“”Russia plans to build an orbital plant for the production of spacecraft (link to sketchy Google translation of the Russian original) that are too big to build planetside, or are just too bulky to fire into orbit once built. Presumably these are the ships we would fly to the Moon and Mars. Plans seem to be rather sparse at the moment, with the tentative construction date set for 2020, after the ISS is scheduled for decommissioning.” – Source

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KeelyNet Highlights & Comments – 04/15/08

Posted by keelynet on April 18, 2008

(I decided to post these since I don’t archive them on KeelyNet, you might find them of interest. – JWD)

Item #1 – Xynergy Corporation – As you can see, this company seems to be announcing amazing discoveries since 2002, most recently one about a high output hydrogen generator and another about a 75% water to 25% gas mix process. This always raises my shields when companies or people proclaim wonders for YEARS with nary a product. In my opinion, its all a ploy to troll investors.

Item #2 – 40% boost in Thermoelectric efficiencies – This is a very big deal for thermal generators and quite possibly has a connection to the Moray device.

Item #3 – Lloyd’s cool water-saving invention runs hot – With a water scarce world approaching, this needs to be installed on every home and business.

Item #4 – Money doesn’t grow on trees, but gasoline might – I hope this isn’t just hype, imagine a gasoline tree orchard.

Item #5 – The Coming Tax Bomb – Government rebate at no cost? Yeah, right, wait til the other shoe falls and we wind up paying it back many times over.

Item #6 – the Thermal Equalizer – Probably everyone knows that heat rises. So when you heat a room where is all the hot air, you got it, at the ceiling level. There have been other schemes to redistribute air such as 6″ or so PVC floor to ceiling pipes with fans pulling hot air down but this one is also quite interesting and something like it should be built into homes or retrofitted to existing ones. It could save a lot of money in energy.

Historical KeelyNet File of Interest – ‘Engineering Reality’

I’ve been experimenting with Feng Shui for the past 4 years and had some interesting results which I hope to include in a new eBook. Some background on this if you are interested in ‘engineering reality’ can be found in this old KeelyNet file explaining Gestalts and the Production of Anomalous Phenomena.

Various religions, from the pomp and circumstance of Roman Catholic rituals to the rituals of witchcraft which require the active emotional involvement of a group of people focusing their minds on a single goal. It is the function of the priest or priestess to recognize when the emotions have peaked and to direct the release of the combined emotion energies toward the accomplishment of a specific goal.

As mentioned earlier, many prayer groups and churches use this combined form of concentration in attempts to help or heal others with varying levels of success. Some people naturally have more of this ability than others.

The dark side of this energy is the release and redirection of the life force from a blood sacrifice to influence or produce a specific real world event. The Ark of the Covenant and the Old Testament required such life force sacrifices. Possibly the Ark had equipment to collect and convert these life force energies for the production of the various phenomena that it is reported to have produced.

I have seen reports of electronic devices that had an energy sapping effect. One such is Floyd Sweet’s VTA. I attribute that to the increased influx of aether/ZPE into the circuit, where the experimenter is too close to the center of accumulation, the vortex. This would extract life energy from the experimenter by aether/ZPE entrainment.

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