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Archive for April 11th, 2008

High hope for electric cars, but also a price

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

This article raises the oft skipped over point of where does all that extra electricity come from? Sure, night rates are cheaper and more power is available but I think nowhere near sufficient to keep electric cars recharged everyday.

“Project Better Place is teaming up with Renault-Nissan in a scheme designed to drive electric vehicles from the fringe category and into the mainstream of personal transportation. Although electric cars have been around for almost as long as their conventional gas and diesel-powered cousins, they have been held back by limited performance and range and high costs. Project Better Place has no world-beating technology to change the performance equation. What it has is enough startup capital — $200 million committed so far — and a marketing idea to offer not just an electric car, but a system to make it work. PBP will be adding infrastructure in the form of electrical outlets at tens of thousands of existing parking spots. For drivers who need more juice in a hurry, it will offer drive-through service stations where the batteries can be swapped. As with cellphones, which are often given away with long-term service plans, the new cars will be sold for a low initial cost. Drivers will sign up for service plans based on mileage driven and the batteries will remain the property of PBP. On-board computers will monitor the state of the batteries and show the location of the nearest charging station. The prototypes showed off earlier this year by Renault look just like any other modern European design. They are expected to provide a 100 to 160-kilometre range on a full charge, more than enough for most commuters, and performance similar to that of a 1.6-litre gasoline engine. Project Better Place hopes to sell 10,000 to 20,000 electric cars a year in Israel by 2011 and similar numbers in a partnership with DONG Energy in Denmark. Israel is motivated by a desire to limit its need for imported oil. Electric cars may be zero emission while driving, but they are not zero impact. A large-scale switch from gas to electricity would require new sources of power for the provincial grid.” – Source

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Producing mountains of waste

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

This article is so right on and something that clearly impacts global warming.

“‘ALL OF what we produce is going to be waste,” says Claude Ouimet. He waves his hand around the brand new seminar room, studded with audio-visual devices. “This beautiful room, all this equipment, it’s all going to be waste. It’s just a matter of time.” The Eco-Efficiency Centre’s director, Ray Côté, handed me a graph showing that of the raw materials and energy that go into U.S. manufacturing, only seven per cent is transformed into products. The other 93 per cent becomes waste – slag heaps, emissions, heat, by-products. And of the seven per cent that reaches the market, 80 per cent is discarded after a single use. Think of packaging, motor oil, tissue paper, garbage bags. The result: 99 per cent of the raw materials and energy that we took from the Earth to make industrial products has become waste within six weeks of sale. Ninety-nine per cent! Nature, by contrast, wastes nothing. Nature is cyclical, fluid and creative. One organism’s wastes are another’s nutrients. The fallen tree shelters the mouse and feeds the fungus. Substances and energies interweave, separate and re-join, looping together like the circles that represent the Olympic Games. We have to green our minds, change the way we view the world, and accept responsibility for our life decisions. More and more, our lives need to mimic natural cycles. If everything we produce is going to be waste, we have to ensure that it’s useful waste, waste that nourishes life.” – Source

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GPS Trackers Find Novel Applications

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

What a neat thing to help track your precious or just your costly things!

“”Inexpensive GPS devices like the Zoombak (which costs just $200 plus $10 a month) have becomes so prevalent that some people are using them routinely to keep tabs on their most precious possessions. Kathy Besa has a Zoombak attached to the collar of her 5-year-old beagle, Buddy. If Buddy wanders more than 20 feet from the house, she gets a text message on her phone that says, ‘Buddy has left the premises.’ The small size made possible by chip advances over the last two or three years is enabling many novel uses of GPS tracking. An art collector in New York uses one when he transports million-dollar pieces, a home builder is putting them on expensive appliances to track them if they disappear from construction sites, a drug company is using them after millions of dollars in inventory turned up missing, and a mobile phone company is hiding them in some cellphone boxes to catch thieves.” – Source

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Uganda: Fuel-Saving Capsule Goes On Sale

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

Hadn’t heard of this one before, but some checking finds its highly questionable and might pose a risk to your car.

“IN an effort to reduce the emission of toxic gases into the environment, researchers have come up with an organic capsule that reduces a vehicle’s fuel consumption and at the same time conserves the environment. The Mileage per Gallon Capsule (MPG- CAPS) improves mileage, increases engine power and reduces emissions. It has already gone on sale in Uganda. Manufactured by Fuel Freedom International (FFI), a global firm based in Florida, USA, the capsule can be used in both petrol and diesel engine vehicles. “The MPG-CAPS will increase energy efficiency and reduce the motor exhaust emission. It has no effect on the automobile engines,” the ministry said. The capsule improves a vehicle’s combustion speed by up to four times the original speed, boosts engine performance and lowers the exhaust pipe temperature. It also saves up to 14% of fuel. With this invention motorists will reduce fuel consumption in the midst of the ever-increasing fuel prices on the world market, which translates into high local pump prices. The capsule is dropped in the tank before fuelling and a minimum of 10 litres is required per capsule. – Source / Please be aware of a CAVEAT EMPTOR for this product and claims in this Fuel Ripoff Report and this useful page – “Especially interesting is to view the report FFI sent to the EPA for their registration application. The report makes it clear that the main purpose of the product is to allow pre-1973 engines to use unleaded petrol. Chief among the effects that allow it to do this are protection from valve seat wear and a slight increase in octane rating (about 0.5 points). What is entirely missing from this report, so far as I can tell, is evidence of significant improvements in fuel consumption.”

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but gasoline might

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

What next, gasoline trees?

“Researchers have made a breakthrough in the development of “green gasoline,” a liquid identical to standard gasoline yet created from sustainable biomass sources like switchgrass and poplar trees. “It is likely that the future consumer will not even know that they are putting biofuels into their car,” said Huber. “Biofuels in the future will most likely be similar in chemical composition to gasoline and diesel fuel used today. The challenge for chemical engineers is to efficiently produce liquid fuels from biomass while fitting into the existing infrastructure today.” For their new approach, the UMass researchers rapidly heated cellulose in the presence of solid catalysts, materials that speed up reactions without sacrificing themselves in the process. They then rapidly cooled the products to create a liquid that contains many of the compounds found in gasoline. The entire process was completed in under two minutes using relatively moderate amounts of heat. The compounds that formed in that single step, like naphthalene and toluene, make up one fourth of the suite of chemicals found in gasoline. The liquid can be further treated to form the remaining fuel components or can be used “as is” for a high octane gasoline blend. Not only is the method a compact way to treat a great deal of biomass in a short time, Regalbuto emphasized that the process, in principle, does not require any external energy. “In fact, from the extra heat that will be released, you can generate electricity in addition to the biofuel,” he said. “There will not be just a small carbon footprint for the process; by recovering heat and generating electricity, there won’t be any footprint.” – Source

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Mud Harnessed to Fight Infections

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

Maybe pigs and wild animals slopping around in mud ponds are smarter than we know.

“Arizona scientists report they have found a host of anti-microbial minerals in mud that could be the makings of a new generation of unconventional but effective creams to combat the nastiest germs. Increasingly dangerous antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” — such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) — are the primary targets of these new medicinal clay cocktails, the researchers said. “For hundreds of thousands of years, clays have been used for wound-healing and even gastrointestinal problems,” noted study co-author Shelley E. Haydel. After categorizing each clay’s composition, they then tested for antimicrobial properties against a wide range of different bacteria, including: antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA; the flesh-eating Mycobacterium ulcerans; and E. coli and salmonella. In the lab, Haydel and her colleagues identified three clays that appeared to kill or substantially reduce growth among all the tested bacteria, including MRSA. “The big deal with MRSA is that it starts out as a topical infection, but once it gets into the bloodstream, you get into a huge problem,” Haydel observed. “So, while we’re certainly not proposing to inject this directly into the bloodstream, we’re hoping to stop that skin-to-blood transition from happening.” – Source

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U.S. Will Approve New Nuclear Reactors

Posted by keelynet on April 11, 2008

If they use the Chinese ‘pebble bed reactors’, they aren’t supposed to be able to blowup.

“One of the U.K.’s top nuclear officials said today that she was told the U.S. will okay plans to build the first nuclear power plants since the accident at Three Mile Island nearly three decades ago. Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, chair of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority, said that the chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission informed her that the NRC will approve three applications for new nuclear reactors that it’s currently considering. “The politics is changing,” she added, noting growing enthusiasm for nuclear power as the clean alternative to coal-burning plants. Even some environmentalists have begun to embrace nuclear power, because of its potential to reduce the greenhouse emissions that are blamed for global warming. “Once you build the power plants, it just keeps producing energy,” Judge said, noting the potential benefits of electricity generation from nuclear fission. “It is part of what we have to do to deal with energy security and climate change.” – Source

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