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Archive for April 7th, 2008

NASA moon, Mars vision not getting funded

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

Can you believe 16.3 BILLION dollars of our tax money for 2007? We could do so much better by junking and starting over with severe monitoring or just flat-out privatizing space efforts. They strike me as total MEDIA WHORES and overly secretive about their actions.

“The U.S. Government Accountability Office said the Constellation program, scheduled to begin by 2015, is troubled by engineering, funding and mechanical issues. For instance, the program was meant to use heat shielding from the 1960s Apollo program, but experts apparently could not replicate the material. Earlier this week, U.S. space agency officials told Congress that between 5,800 and 7,300 jobs would go over the next three years as the space shuttles are retired, most at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The shuttles are scheduled to be grounded by 2010. The 2009 budget request for the Constellation program is $3 billion, NASA’s Richard Gilbrech told the subcommittee hearing. But former astronaut Kathryn Thornton, now a professor at the University of Virginia, said costs linked to retiring the shuttle had not been accounted for in NASA budgets. “Each year since 2004 when the Vision was announced, the NASA budget has fallen short of that required to achieve the mandated exploration goals and milestones,” she said in submitted testimony. “In short, there is a mismatch between aspirations and appropriations that no amount of spin can disguise,” she added. “Today, the global space economy exceeds more than $220 billion annually, and that figure is growing rapidly each year.” – Source

Check out some info on NASAs 2007 16.3 BILLION dollar budget and a comparison of NASAs exhorbitant budget to other government agencies and efforts.

Most people think NASA was chartered as a civilian project, but in reality it has deep military roots.

“The governmental institution known as NASA is a department of the Executive Branch, ultimately answerable solely to the President of the United States, an Agency created through the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958. NASA ostensibly is “a civilian agency exercising control over aeronautical and space activities sponsored by the United States.” (Emphasis added.)[i]

But contrary to common public and media perception that NASA is an open, strictly civilian scientific institution, is the legal fact that the Space Agency was quietly founded as a direct adjunct to the Department of Defense, tasked with specifically assisting the national security of the United States in the midst of a deepening Cold War with its major geopolitical adversary, the Soviet Union. It says so right in the original NASA Charter:

“Sec. 305… (i) The [National Aeronautics and Space] Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States Code…” [Emphasis added.]

In another section[ii] of the act, this seldom-discussed defense responsibility — the ultimate undercutting of NASA’s continuing public facade as a strictly civilian, scientific agency — is blatantly spelled out:

“Sec. 205… (d) No [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of national security shall be included in any report made under this section [of the Act]…” [Emphasis added.]

Clearly, from this and the other security provisions[iii] incorporated in the Act, what the Congress, the press and the American taxpayers get to see of NASA’s ultimate activities — including untouched images and data regarding what’s really on the Moon, on Mars or anywhere else across the solar system — is totally dependent on whether the President of the United States (and/or his legal surrogates in the Department of Defense and the “intelligence community”) has already secretly classified that data. This is directly contrary to everything we’ve been led to believe regarding NASA for over 50 years now.”

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Sweat Ducts May Act As Antenna For Lie Detection

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

Remote lie detection but how reliable is it???

“”Researchers have discovered that human skin may contain millions of tiny “antennas” in the form of microscopic sweat ducts that may reveal a person’s physical and emotional state. This discovery might eventually result in lie detectors that operate at a distance. In experiments, the team beamed electromagnetic waves with a frequency range of about 100 gigahertz at the hands of test subjects and measured the frequency of the electromagnetic waves reflecting off the subjects’ skin. Initially, the experiments were carried out in contact with the subjects’ hands, but even at a distance of 22 cm, researchers found a strong correlation between subjects’ blood pressure and pulse rate, and the frequency response of their skin.” – Source

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Indigenous peoples hardest hit by climate change describe impacts

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

These folks are the canaries in the coal mines to show what will happen to us all if we can’t get a serious handle on global warming.

“Indigenous peoples have contributed the least to world greenhouse gas emissions and have the smallest ecological footprints on Earth. Yet they suffer the worst impacts not only of climate change, but also from some of the international mitigation measures being taken, according to organizers of a United Nations University co-hosted meeting April 3 in Darwin, Australia. Impacts of climate change on indigenous people worldwide include: * In tropical and sub-tropical areas, an increase in diseases associated with higher temperatures and vector-borne and water-borne diseases like cholera, malaria and dengue fever; * Worsening drought conditions and desertification, leading to more forest fires that disrupt subsistence agriculture, hunting and gathering livelihoods, as well as serious biodiversity loss; * Distinct changes in the seasonal appearance of birds, the blooming of flowers, etc. These now occur earlier or are decoupled from the customary season or weather patterns; * In arid and semi-arid lands: excessive rainfall and prolonged droughts, resulting in dust storms that damage grasslands, seedlings, other crops and livestock; * In the Arctic, stronger waves, thawing permafrost and melting mountain glaciers and sea-ice, bringing coastal and riverbank erosion; * Smaller animal populations and the introduction of new marine species due to changing animal travel and migration routes; * In Boreal Forests, new types of insects and longer-living endemic insects (e.g. spruce beetles) that destroy trees and other vegetation; * In coastal regions and small-island states, erosion, stronger hurricanes and typhoons, leading to the loss of freshwater supplies, land, mangrove forests and dislocation (environmental refugees); * Increasing food insecurity due to declining fish populations and coral bleaching; * Crop damaging pest infestations (e.g. locusts, rats, spruce beetles, etc.), and increasing food costs due to competition with the demand for biofuels; * Extreme and unprecedented cold spells resulting in health problems (e.g. hypothermia, bronchitis, and pneumonia, especially for the old and young).” – Source

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The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies You Were Taught In History Class

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

Wow! And so much of this is still believed to be fact.

“High school was hard enough, what with all the video games and boobies to distract us from our homework. What makes it even harder is having to unlearn all of the stuff they taught us in elementary school that turned out to be utter bullshit. To this day you can even hear some adults repeating these “amazing” historical tales… Columbus Discovered the Earth is Round? Einstein Flunked Math? Newton and the Apple? Washington and the Cherry Tree? Benjamin Franklin, the Kite and the Thunderstorm?” – Source

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To cut price, SolarCity leases solar panels

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

What a great way to get solar energy going for a lot of people who would balk at financing the whole shebang at once!

“Solar installer SolarCity is doing, in a limited way, what many people contend is the key to wide-scale adoption of solar power: a leasing program. The Foster City, Calif.-based start-up is offering customers in California, Arizona, and Oregon a financing option that allows them to get solar panels with a relatively small up-front down payment and monthly lease fee, SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive said on Monday. Solar panels that generate electricity can cost between $20,000 and $35,000 before tax credits and other clean energy incentives. Those subsidies can bring the cost down significantly, depending on the state or country, but up-front costs remain a significant barrier to adoption. SolarCity’s financing plan will allow people to have solar panels installed for $1,000 to $3,000 up front, depending on the size of the system, and a monthly fee. The numbers work out so that most consumers, particularly those who pay large electricity bills, will pay less per month with the arrangement, he said. As energy prices go up over time, their savings can go up.” – Source

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Scotland Makes It Rain: $20 Million Prize for Renewable Energy

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

I don’t have any more specifics on this than what is in the article, but it seems like a very worthy prize to pursue if you have ideas or experiments that produce energy.

“The goal of the prize, obviously, is to position Scotland at the forefront of renewable energy development. The prize has a clause that the winner must demonstrate his or her technology on-site in order to receive up to $20 Million. In reflecting on his choice to not broaden the reach of the program to other dimensions of renewable energy, Salmond said that he believed a narrow search in an area where Scotland would become the recognized leader would be the most efficient way to move forward, and allow the small nation to harness her “unrivaled” natural resources.” – Source

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Cities Profit From Shortening Yellow Lights

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

What a cheap shot to produce revenue. It’s analogous to requiring cops to have a quota for tickets written during their shift.

“Short yellow light times at intersections have been shown to increase the number of traffic violations and accidents. Conversely, increasing the yellow light duration can dramatically reduce red-light violations at an intersection. Some local governments have ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras, shorten the yellow light duration, and collect the profits instead. The cities: * Chattanooga, Tennessee * Dallas, Texas * Springfield, Missouri * Lubbock, Texas * Nashville, Tennessee * Union City, California.” – Source

On a side note, I’m happy to see the Mexican police force here has changed from 24 hour to 12 hour shifts. It’s much better for these very underpaid guys and their families.

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Tourist Camp has Concrete ‘Tepees’ – July 1936

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

What a neat and simple way to build emergency shelters, motels or linking them for larger constructs. Concrete is cheap and available in just about every country worldwide.

“Cleverly constructed to look like a small Indian village, a novel tourist camp near Lawrence, Kans., has concrete shelters closely resembling Indian tepees. Cement stucco, laid over wire mesh on a foundation of three slantingpoles, forms the walls of the odd overnight cabins. Each ‘tepee’ is equipped with comfortable beds, running hot and cold water, cooking stove, and other conveniences. / (This style might be useful for cheap emergency or even permanent housing. – JWD)” – Source

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VCs sitting on giant piles of money that Internet startups don’t need

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

These guys are missing the boat by ignoring all of the inventors and experimenters out there who could create new technologies to change the world, they need to take some serious risks and invest in maverick projects for incredible possibilities.

“”Right now, honestly? This time sucks for us,” says Paul Kedrosky, a partner with Ventures West. “It’s a bad time.” Savvy VCs are finding ways to compete. One gambit: doling out perks to entrepreneurs. San Francisco-based Founders Fund, started by ex-PayPal CEO Peter Thiel, lets entrepreneurs trade some of their equity for cash, something they usually can’t do until their companies are purchased or go public. Other VCs are competing with angels by investing like them — with small amounts and at early stages. In 2007, the average VC-led seed round was less than $1 million. “Half of the deals we do are either seed or A round,” says Roger Lee, a general partner at Battery Ventures. “The companies VCs are putting $500,000 into this year we might have been putting $20 million into in 2000.” – Source

An example of a great investment that loses nothing would be my lab project.

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Americans prefer energy fix to cancer cure: poll

Posted by keelynet on April 7, 2008

Incredible…and what good would more energy do for you if you are too sick or DEAD to use it?

“A nationwide survey of nearly 700 people suggests that Americans would prefer more money be invested in technology to solve the nation’s energy ailments than to cure cancer or other diseases. Some 37 percent of respondents to the poll, conducted by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority in Virginia, said they would rank spending to raise energy efficiency and develop alternative fuel technology a top priority for future investment. That compares with 30 percent who ranked more cash for medical breakthroughs as most important.” – Source

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