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Archive for March 17th, 2008

An Internet commotion over ‘perpetual motion’

Posted by keelynet on March 17, 2008

Perpetual Motion and Free Energy, definitely forbidden words that evoke half-baked flakes or frauds out to rip off gullible investors, or in some cases, to make a name for themselves (can you say Steorn?).

I think this guy is on the level as there have been many backemf capture circuits and designs, just none were ever incorporated into manufactured products for cooler running, more efficient motors.

pmmheins.jpg“Inventor Thane Heins will soon be adding light bulbs to his electrical generator, a modest improvement considering he says his device already transcends the basic laws of physics. The suggestion was made to improve the frequent demonstrations Mr. Heins gives after he and his contraption became Internet sensations attracting worldwide attention. The 46-year-old from Almonte says the lights will serve as visual cues of the electrical load he already applies to his system, which should, in theory, slow everything down. Thane Heins says he’ll be more careful about how he describes his invention after a storm of controversy erupted on the Internet. Instead his electric motor accelerates when the load is applied, in an apparent contradiction of the law of conservation of energy. Videos of the demonstration have been viewed more than 280,000 times on YouTube in the last four weeks. His story was also featured on Gizmodo, Slashdot, BoingBoing and” – Source

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The ‘We Follow the Bible’ Challenge – DARE THEM TO BET!

Posted by keelynet on March 17, 2008

The ‘We Follow the Bible’ Challenge they won’t take! – About 3 days ago, I woke up to someone banging on my door about 10AM. Since I stay up working most of the night and my friends all know this, this banging better be something important. Opened the door to two older gringas.

Usually when expats come to my house I know them or they want to know about rentals in the area or they need some kind of help. I had seen these two around but knew nothing about them. Opened my iron screen door and invited them in but they just smiled, chatted a bit and handed me Jehovah Witness flyers.

A long talk explaining that I’d studied MANY religions AND CULTS and found nothing that made sense or could be proven to my satisfaction. They go into their spiel with the preface of ‘we follow the bible’…I told them I seriously doubt either of them know much about the bible and would bet them each $100 CASH that they or their associates do NOT TRULY FOLLOW the bible as it requires. That it was a horrible book serving as a guide for sociopathic behavior, etc..jehovahwitless.jpg

Of course they said well, we don’t follow everything as some of it is outdated, never mind what it says in Revelations warning it is not a cafeteria religion where you can pick and choose what you wish to believe, but that its all or nothing!

Check out this Comment.

I went into some details which they had never read or heard about, but could easily lookup in any one of the ‘versions’ of bibles I had, IF they DARED and of course they didn’t accept my bet, being simple brainwashed robots only capable of citing rote responses given to them as ‘answers.’

Nice enough ladies but please don’t go around proselytizing and bothering people who have no interest in such idiocy.

A nearly banned video called the Zeitgeist you should check out.

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Rock: Electrons Run Through It

Posted by keelynet on March 17, 2008

Totally fascinating discovery that ties in with T.T. Browns work with electricity in rocks. Can’t recall the exact term at the moment, but it’s not piezo-electrics, since this is more of a trickle current than a sharp high voltage pulse from a physical shock.

rockelectricsm.jpg“New results in Science Express show that a chunk of hematite can conduct electrons under certain chemical conditions. In addition, the current causes some mineral surfaces to build up while others degrade. These results with iron oxide might be important for water quality, soil evolution, and environmental cleanup. “Considering iron as an important nutrient, the finding could help us understand how soils evolve from nutrient rich to nutrient poor,” says lead investigator Kevin Rosso, a chemist at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. “And it has implications for other common minerals such as pyrite and manganese oxides — even particles in the atmosphere.” Scientists have long known that electrons can travel through some iron oxides when a voltage is applied, but they have assumed that electrons stemming from chemical reactions alone won’t move spontaneously through the mineral’s bulk. That long-standing assumption has caused chemists to treat different faces of a hunk of mineral as independent entities that don’t ‘communicate’ with each other. New results, published online March 6, 2008 in Science Express, suggest otherwise. “Now we know reactions at different faces of these minerals can couple together and yield behavior unique to semiconducting minerals,” says Rosso. The team wondered if the iron being deposited on the top came from iron dissolving from the sides, building up in solution, and then redepositing. To test this, they separated the six cube surfaces into groups: They took two cubes, protected four sides from the solution on one, and on the other, protected the top and bottom. The acidic solution chewed away the unprotected surfaces, as expected. But the chemists didn’t see any buildup on the unprotected top and bottom faces and instead saw degradation. This indicated the breakdown and buildup were not independent of each other. “The hematite won’t grow pyramids without that surface being connected to the dissolving ones,” says Rosso. The required physical connection hinted at electron conduction. Iron in solution, or Fe(II), contains one more electron than the iron in the crystal, Fe(III). If Fe(II) landed on the top, it might react with the surface, incorporate into the crystal and give up its electron. The electron could then flow through the crystal to the sides, where an atom of Fe(III) could pick up the electron and dissolve into the solution. To prove this, the chemists connected the electron flow with a wire. When they repeated the first experiment but connected the two cubes with a dab of silver, the team restored the pyramid buildup. Additional experiments allowed them to measure the electrical potential driving the current flow, which came out to 200 millivolts — about 6% of the power needed for a keychain LED light, or about twice as much as in a nerve cell. / (Could there be a connection to ‘telluric currents’? – JWD)” – Source

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The US Economy Depends On Bubbles

Posted by keelynet on March 17, 2008

I hope it doesn’t turn into another housing debacle that is hurting so many people. Crooks everywhere in the government. Sad to see Ron Paul giving up but I think if the majority of voters grew some cojones and wrote him in as president, he’d BE president, PERIOD!

“Quote: That the Internet and housing hyperinflations transpired within a period of ten years, each creating trillions of dollars in fake wealth, is, I believe, only the beginning. There will and must be many more such booms, for without them the economy of the United States can no longer function. The bubble cycle has replaced the business cycle. / What industry will next experience a bubble?: There is one industry that fits the bill: alternative energy, the development of more energy-efficient products, along with viable alternatives to oil, including wind, solar, and geothermal power, along with the use of nuclear energy to produce sustainable oil substitutes, such as liquefied hydrogen from water.” – Source

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