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Archive for February 26th, 2008

Flying ‘paddleboat’ may finally take off

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

In the KeelyNet archives, there is a story about an English group who has built and are flying these flying paddlewheels. As I recall, they go slow but are very efficient and can lift incredible payloads.

flycyclo.jpg“A cyclogyro flies using “cycloidal propellers” – several wings positioned around the edge of a rotating cylindrical framework, a bit like a paddle-wheel. As each wing rotates, its blades move through the air generating lift and thrust. And, since each wing rotates through a full circle, altering the angle of the individual blades can pull the aircraft forwards, backwards and down as well up. The manoeuvrability that cycloidal propellers could offer provides benefits over more established flying methods. Although no cyclogyro has yet flown without being tethered, its proponents say the design could prove more efficient and manoeuvrable than helicopters at small scales. A team of Singapore researchers is leading the race to construct a working cyclogyro with a prototype that hovers on the end of a line. After studying the performance of different cycloidal designs, the pair modified a toy helicopter, giving it two cycloidal propellers with three blades each, and a small tail rotor for stability. “On the tether, the aircraft can spin, move directly up and down or fly forward and backward,” says Hu. “This is perhaps the first recorded flight for a cyclogyro,” he adds. “There were some people claiming successful flights, but no video or proof for that.” “Cyclogyros are more relevant now because people want to build small, agile UAVs [uncrewed aerial vehicles],” says Weihs. At such sizes they have greater advantages over helicopters, he says. The parts of a helicopter blade nearest and furthest from the hub are moving too slowly and too fast, respectively, to generate thrust. “With a cyclogyro every bit moves at the same speed, so there is no ‘dead space’,” says Weihs. Cyclogyros can also be more manoeuvrable, says Weihs. Helicopters must tilt to travel laterally. But cycloidal propellers can generate thrust in any direction so the craft can remain level, or adopt any other position and still fly in any direction. These advantages are greatest at small sizes. “They are probably not practical above half a metre across,” says Weihs. “You won’t see one carry a passenger.” – Source

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Move Over, Oil, There’s Money in Texas Wind

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

I think everyone sees where this is going. Farmers and land owners sitting back and living off the money from wind farms.

windoilsm.jpg“The wind turbines that recently went up on Louis Brooks’s ranch are twice as high as the Statue of Liberty, with blades that span as wide as the wingspan of a jumbo jet. More important from his point of view, he is paid $500 a month apiece to permit 78 of them on his land, with 76 more on the way. Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power. After breakneck growth the last three years, Texas has reached the point that more than 3 percent of its electricity, enough to supply power to one million homes, comes from wind turbines. Texans are even turning tapped-out oil fields into wind farms, and no less an oilman than Boone Pickens is getting into alternative energy. Supporters say Texas is ideal for wind-power development, not just because it is windy. It also has sparsely populated land for wind farms, fast-growing cities and a friendly regulatory environment for developers. The quaint windmills of old have been replaced by turbines that stand as high as 20-story buildings, with blades longer than a football field and each capable of generating electricity for small communities. Powerful turbines are able to capture power even when the wind is relatively weak, and they help to lower the cost per kilowatt hour.” – Source

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Aluminum-rich alloy produces hydrogen on-demand for large-scale uses

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Now they need to get it into production as a system anyone can buy and use for hydrogen as a fuel.

“The new alloy contains 95 percent aluminum and 5 percent of an alloy that is made of the metals gallium, indium and tin. Because the new alloy contains significantly less of the more expensive gallium than previous forms of the alloy, hydrogen can be produced less expensively, he said. When immersed in water, the alloy splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which immediately reacts with the aluminum to produce aluminum oxide, also called alumina, which can be recycled back into aluminum. Recycling aluminum from nearly pure alumina is less expensive than mining the aluminum-containing ore bauxite, making the technology more competitive with other forms of energy production, Woodall said. “After recycling both the aluminum oxide back to aluminum and the inert gallium-indium-tin alloy only 60 times, the cost of producing energy both as hydrogen and heat using the technology would be reduced to 10 cents per kilowatt hour, making it competitive with other energy technologies,” Woodall said. (via” – Source

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Cosmic coincidence spotted

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Another number link to the mysteries of nature. Wonder if it has free energy applications?

“The secret of the Universe is not 42, according to a new theory, but the unimaginably larger number 10122. Scott Funkhouser of the Military College of South Carolina (called The Citadel) in Charleston has shown how this number — which is bigger than the number of particles in the Universe — keeps popping up when several of the physical constants and parameters of the Universe are combined1. This ‘coincidence’, he says, is surely significant, hinting at some common principle at work behind the scenes.” – Source

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Storm over Pentagon climate scenario

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Unbelievable report but it should scare the crap out of anyone who plans to be alive then and after.

“Global warming is more of a threat than terrorism. A report commissioned by a Pentagon think tank is creating a storm of controversy — not because of any military scenarios but because of what it has to say about climate change. The authors suggest a number of dire consequences in a scenario in which the current period of global warming ends in 2010, followed by a period of abrupt cooling. Some examples: * As temperatures rise during this decade, some regions experience severe storms and flooding. In 2007, surging seas break through levees in the Netherlands, making the Hague “unlivable.” * By 2020, after a decade of cooling, Europe’s climate becomes “more like Siberia’s.” * “Mega-droughts” hit southern China and northern Europe around 2010 and last 10 years. * In the United States, agricultural areas suffer from soil loss due to higher winds and drier climate, but the country survives the economic disruption without catastrophic losses. * Widespread famine in China triggers chaos, and “a cold and hungry China peers jealously” at Russia’s energy resources. In the 2020-2030 period, civil war and border wars break out in China. * “Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life.” In a “world of warring states,” more countries develop nuclear weapons, including Japan, South Korea, Germany, Iran and Egypt.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Gee Willikers!!!, Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Storm over Pentagon climate scenario

The Hot-Line Solar Collector

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

What a neat discovery and application!

solarinline.jpg“The Hot-Line module looks just about like a conventional flat-plate collector. What makes Lightfoot’s panel highly unconventional is that it [1] contains a specially curved reflector which acts to concentrate incoming sunlight on a wedge-shaped absorption tube, [2] operates with an efficiency far surpassing that of any “normal” flat-plate solar panel, and [3] actually “tracks” the sun through a 50 degree vertical arc — and through 150 degrees in the east/west plane — without moving! Dan Lightfoot came upon the idea for the Hot-Line collector quite by accident a decade ago. It seems Dan had been observing a sheet of aluminum that was resting up against his garage wall and noticed how the sun’s reflection from that curved sheet formed a bright spot on an adjoining wall. Moreover, he noticed that the bright spot stayed in roughly the same place throughout the day, despite the sun’s constant movement. This got Dan to thinking, and to experimenting. With the aid of a small sheet of aluminum, a few scraps of wood and a handful of bolts and clamps, Lightfoot found (by trial and error) that he could curve the metal in such a way that it would focus light in a line — a line that, furthermore, moved only a small distance in or out from the metal as the jury-rigged reflector was tilted through various angles to the sun. At this point, Dan knew that if he could just bend a long sheet of reflective material to the same curvature, lay a channel along the focal plane of the reflector thus created, and run air or water through that channel, he’d have what no one had developed before: a fixed-position, concentrating solar collector. (Focusing collectors are nothing new, of course, but they all have one drawback: in order to work, the reflector must face squarely into the sun at all times. This usually calls, in turn, for a costly and complex motorized gimbal mounting, to allow tracking of the sun. In contrast, Lightfoot’s collector can focus light all day long while remaining stationary.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Free Energy, Invention, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on The Hot-Line Solar Collector

Wiretapping Made Easy

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Is this enough to make you really paranoid?

“Silently tapping into a private cellphone conversation is no longer a high-tech trick reserved for spies and the FBI. Thanks to the work of two young cyber-security researchers, cellular snooping may soon be affordable enough for your next-door neighbor. In a presentation Wednesday at the Black Hat security conference in Washington, D.C., David Hulton and Steve Muller demonstrated a new technique for cracking the encryption used to prevent eavesdropping on global system for mobile communications (GSM) cellular signals, the type of radio frequency coding used by major cellular service providers including AT&T (nyse: T – news – people ), Cingular and T-Mobile. Combined with a radio receiver, the pair say their technique allows an eavesdropper to record a conversation on these networks from miles away and decode it in about half an hour with just $1,000 in computer storage and processing equipment. Decrypting GSM still requires special equipment and is more secure than a typical landline. The GSMA, he noted, has developed and is working on implementing a higher level of encryption; Newer 3G cell carriers are also immune from the attack. Although their exploit doesn’t target the competing CDMA cellular technology used by carriers like Verizon (nyse: VZ – news – people ) and Sprint Nextel (nyse: S – news – people ), Muller argues it’s not necessarily less secure. GSM was only decrypted first because it’s more popular worldwide: Few cellphone subscribers outside North America use CDMA carriers.” – Source

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Electric cars face battery of hurdles

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Its not going to be easy despite all the marketing hype, yet we all hope it works out.

carbattery.jpg“In the rush to deliver an electric car to the masses, General Motors Corp. is finding that the all-important battery might not be the only major hurdle. The heating and cooling systems, for example, are a challenge because they typically are built to run off a traditional fuel combustion engine. That means new types of air conditioning and heating systems must be built. GM, in a high-stakes race with Toyota Motor Corp. to turn out an affordable, effective battery-powered car, has found that while the lithium-ion batteries themselves are hitting all the marks on early road tests, a host of other issues are beginning to crop up. A typical modern stereo system, for example, drains too much juice from the battery life. At the same time, there still isn’t a supplier base to provide parts for the mass production of electric vehicles. The quandaries underscore the complexity of what GM and other automakers are trying to achieve in creating an electric car, a feat that involves far more than simply swapping an engine for a high-powered battery cell. “An automobile with a gasoline engine as the power plant has a lot of energy on board — so much energy there are things that we never paid attention to,” Hall said. “When you’re relying on the battery, all these problems stack up and you realize you have to do all these other things to optimize for range.” In many cases, he said, the suppliers will be better equipped than the automakers to improve on the efficiency of vehicle components. “This is not so much a matter of invention,” he said, “as much as it’s an application of technology they wouldn’t normally do.” – Source

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Idaho Psychiatrist blames energy drinks for psychosis

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Seems like a helluva price to pay for that promised energy boost.

“After an Idaho teen last week complained of demonic possession and threatened to harm herself with a knife, her psychiatrist blamed her actions on energy drinks. “She held a knife to herself and was going to kill herself,” Dr. Craig Denny told Idaho Falls and Pocatello, Idaho -based KIFI ABC affiliate Tuesday. “This all started when she was drinking this new energy drink that’s more powerful than all the others.” That energy drink, as it turned out, wasn’t an energy drink at all. It was an energy shot called Zantrex-3 Insta-Shot, according to one of Denny’s colleagues at the hospital. Denny said the girl was consuming several of the five-hour energy shots each day, and his colleague said the youth was simultaneously consuming Zentrex’s diet pills – which also claim to supply energy. The patient demonstrated symptoms about a week after she started consuming the energy shots, Denny said, and the symptoms subsided within days after she stopped. “There’s no limit to what these kids can buy and drink,” Denny said. “I don’t want to see this happen to any other kids and we as a society can be more responsible with what we market to children.” Denny said he didn’t have animosity toward the companies that make energy drinks and energy shots, but said parents should more closely watch what their kids consume – whether It’s energy drinks, soda or fast food.” – Source

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Solar panels a ‘loser,’ professor says

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

They are still awfully expensive to buy any that will provide all your home power needs, plus you need a storage/backup system for night-time operation.

“Installing solar panels on homes is an economic “loser” with the costs far outweighing the financial benefit, a respected University of California-Berkeley business professor said Wednesday. The technology, using photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, is not economically competitive with fossil fuels and costs more than other renewable fuels, said Severin Borenstein, who also directs the UC Energy Institute. “We are throwing away money by installing the current solar PV technology,” he said. Not surprisingly, the solar industry reacted strongly to the report. Neal Lurie with the American Solar Energy Society called the study “a publicity stunt.” “Borenstein doesn’t give proper credit to the important role that competition and economies of scale play in driving down costs,” he said. And Julie Blunden, a vice president with San Jose’s SunPower, said Borenstein’s analysis was “deeply flawed.” “He seems to be disconnected from the empirical data in the market,” she said. “He doesn’t seem to have much peripheral vision from his ivory tower.”- Source

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