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Archive for February 13th, 2008

Local invention may help clean up coal plants

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2008

If we are stuck with using coal, at least discoveries like this would let us burn it cleaner and with greatly lowered pollution.

coalump.jpg“Air Force Academy graduate David Neumann, who holds a doctorate in physics, has developed a process he says he believes will scrub 90 percent of pollutants spewed by the city’s coal-fired electric plants for a fraction of the cost of other processes under development. Neumann won’t discuss details of the method because patents are pending and competition in the potentially explosive market is fierce. If successful, the new chemical treatment would mean thousands of coal-burning plants worldwide could sharply curtail carbon emissions — one of the biggest contributors to global warming. That, in turn, would make the future of energy less complicated and uncertain in the arena of renewables. Renewables can’t provide the lion’s share of the world’s power because they provide intermittent electricity that is impossible to store. “I would like to contribute to solving the global warming problem,” Neumann said. “It’s not realistic to eliminate fossil fuels in the next 50 years. We have this huge investment in infrastructure. Unless you want to shut down the world economy, we will be burning fossil fuels.” Drew Rankin, Springs Utilities general manager for energy supply, said a method of removing carbon emissions would “liberate” coal as an acceptable long-term fuel source. Installing equipment at one unit alone at the Martin Drake Power Plant will cost an estimated $65 million, plus $5 million a year in operational costs. Neumann’s device is estimated to cost less than $20 million. No operational costs were provided. Analysis by his other company, Envirolution Systems, suggests a market potential of $700 billion worldwide for existing coal plants alone. – Source

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Eat Food, not Food Products

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2008

We are so accustomed to eating processed food in every aspect of our lives we forget about natural food. Result, major health problems.

“A book telling us to “eat food” sounds about as necessary as one telling us to “breathe air”, “wear clothes” or “drink water”. Yet this is the main message of Michael Pollan’s In Defence of Food, his follow-up to The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It starts to make more sense when you see that much of what is consumed in modern America (and by implication in Britain, though Pollan seldom glances beyond the United States) does not count as food at all in his view. “For while it used to be that food was all you could eat, today there are thousands of other edible foodlike substances in the supermarket.” Pollan has in mind such products as Go-Gurt Portable Yogurt tubes; nondairy creamers; “breakfast cereal bars transacted by bright white veins representing, but in reality having nothing to do with, milk”; junky cereals; “cheeselike foodstuffs”; and “cakelike cylinders (with creamlike fillings)”, of which the notorious example is the Twinkie, an American “hostess cake” with a shelf life so long it almost never grows stale. The true scandal of these quasi-foods, for Pollan, is that many of them are allowed to arrive with jumped-up health claims. No cholesterol! Low fat! Low salt! Far from being contested by the official nutrition advice of the government and medical establishment, the rise of the “edible foodlike substance” in the 1970s and 1980s was actually sanctioned by them. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Pollan’s solution is simple: ignore the misleading lingo of “nutrients”, trans-fats, and omega oils . . . and think about food — real food — instead. Above all, avoid buying anything with ingredients that are a) unfamiliar b) unpronounceable c) more than five in number or d) include high-fructose corn syrup. Because they’re not food but “food products”. – Source

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Propulsion Technology Mostly Unchanged After 50 Years

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2008

Imagine funding research into extracting motion from the ambient zero point energy where the incoming, pressurized quantum foam pops are rectified to produce a pushing force. Totally new forms of transport.

“Although it’s been a half century since America entered the space age, the basic propulsion concepts used to push Explorer I into space will be the same type of propulsion that the nation will use to begin the next half century of space exploration. “Chemical propulsion will be with us for the foreseeable future as the means to escape the Earth’s gravity,” said Dr. Hawk, who worked with the Air Force Propulsion Laboratory at Edwards Air Force base, before joining UAHuntsville nearly 20 years ago. “Large forces are required for periods of several minutes to accomplish this and chemical systems do this well and relatively cheaply,” he said. Hawk, however, concedes there have been technological strides that make current propulsion systems superior to those early engines. UAHuntsville continues to look at ways to make improvements in chemical propulsion technologies, the university’s researchers continue to investigate future propulsion concepts. “The application of advanced propulsion concepts such as plasma propulsion devices or others that rely upon energy sources other than chemical is for in-space use,” Hawk said. However, he explained that while NASA is not actively pursuing these devices currently, the university continues that research. “We continue to work such advanced devices to continue to provide better understanding of the associated physics so that when NASA is able to bring its attention to the next level of propulsion needs, we will have provided a foundation from which to build.” – Source

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Lake Mead Water Could Dry Up by 2021

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2008

This will affect millions of people and impact billions of dollars in income in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Seems like weather control research would be a prime focus for their money now.

lakemead.jpg“There is a 50 percent chance Lake Mead, a key source of water for millions of people in the southwestern United States, will be dry by 2021 if the climate changes as expected and future water use is not limited, warn researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California-San Diego. Without Lake Mead and neighboring Lake Powell, the Colorado River system has no buffer to sustain the population of the Southwest through an unusually dry year, or worse, a sustained drought. In such an event, water deliveries to cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego would become unstable and variable, say research marine physicist Tim Barnett and climate scientist David Pierce. The researchers estimate that there is a 10 percent chance that Lake Mead could be dry by 2014. They further predict that there is a 50 percent chance that reservoir levels will drop too low to allow hydroelectric power generation by 2017. Lake Mead is the largest human-made lake and reservoir in the United States. It is located on the Colorado River about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the states of Nevada and Arizona. Formed by water impounded by Hoover Dam, it extends 110 miles behind the dam, holding approximately 28.5 million acre feet of water. Barnett and Pierce conclude that human demand, natural forces like evaporation, and human-induced climate change are creating a net deficit of nearly one million acre-feet of water per year from the Colorado River system that includes Lake Mead and Lake Powell. This amount of water can supply roughly eight million people.” – Source

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Surprise me!

Posted by keelynet on February 13, 2008

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