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Archive for January 18th, 2008

Self Running 900 Watt Fueless Electrical Generator

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2008

Wrote the address below to ask first if they have had this independently tested and verified and second, what do they plan to do with it if it works as claimed.

I do question a few things he says, one being a correlation with Keely where Keely never worked with electricity, only sound and vibration and the outlandish claim that one giant generator using this technology could power the entire world. That kind of statement isn’t something to inspire or even ignite confidence.

genfueless1.jpg“World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries showing initial activation & then a self-running electrical motor generator combination with 900 net watts output. This is a result of studying the pioneers such as Tesla, Moray, Hendershot and 20 years work by a team of top scientists along with several million in R & D. For more information contact (via – Youtube VideoSource

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Witricity broadcast electricity closing on Tesla (up to 16 feet!)

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2008

Granted, 16 feet is a far cry from Tesla’s claims of around the earth, but still, its an interesting project with unlimited applications.

witricity.jpg“In a dramatic breakthrough that could change the way we use electricity, scientists have made a 60-watt light bulb glow by transmitting energy to it wirelessly. A series of successful experiments conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests otherwise, however. MIT physicists believe they can project a magnetic field from a length of wire whose ends nearly touch. The gap between the ends makes electrons surge back and forth at a specific rate, creating a magnetic field with a characteristic frequency. Since the electrons in a matching coil would have the same frequency, they would pick up the magnetic field. To prove their theory, the physicists — who dubbed the process WiTricity — used a pair of copper coils with a 2-foot diameter. One was a transmitter attached to a power source, the other a receiver placed seven feet away and attached to a light bulb. When the power to the transmitter was turned on, the bulb lit up. The process, MIT assistant physics professor Marin Soljacic tells The Associated Press, is “very reproducible. We can just go to the lab and do it whenever we want.” A wireless power system would have limited range, and the range would be even shorter for smaller receivers. But the research team calculates that an object the size of a laptop could be recharged within a few feet of the power source. Theoretically, scientists say, placing one source in each room could provide coverage throughout your home for a host of devices, including phones and laptop computers. / 1 – Power from mains feeds copper antenna. 2 – Antenna resonates at a frequency of 6.4mhz, emitting electromagnetic waves. 3 – ‘Tails’ of energy from antenna travel up to 5m (16.4 feet). 4 – Electricity picked up by mobile’s antenna, which must also be resonating at 6.4mhz. – Source

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Huckabee’s Insane and Scary comments

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2008

This guy is insane! What’s with these basketcase proselytizers who try to cram their beliefs down everyones throats??? They are as bad as the muslims insisting everyone live under their sharia laws.

“Mike” Huckabee sez: “I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution. But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living god. And that’s what we need to do — to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view.” – Source

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Razor Blade Re-Sharpener – $19.98

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2008

Remember the stories about pyramid structures which can recharge razor blades? I don’t think this one is anywhere near that exotic.

razorsharp.jpg“Save a Blade – Save money every time you shave! Get up to 200 close shaves with a single blade. Cordless electric sharpener glides across single or multi-blade razor cartridges converting used, dull blades into razor-sharp blades in seconds with push button operation. Reusing the same blade makes it easy to save a dime every time you pick up your razor. It might work, but whenever I see the As Seen On TV logo, I figure it must be crap. It’s sold out, but is expected to be back in stock in mid-March. (via – Source

razordull.jpgYears ago, I was told a pyramid researcher in Canada had made a video showing a razor blade regenerating over several days. If you look at a sharp edge of anything under high magnification, you will see ridges and valleys, despite it being sharp, as shown in this dull razor blade.

Since iron is a crystalline form, the researcher speculated that the pyramid energy would cause the crystals to regrow. The interesting part is there is a tie-in to morphogenetic fields, phantom limbs and kirlian photography as with the missing leaf experiment.

Once matter is formed, it has kind of a phantom form which persist even with the removal of the physical matter. Thus with a razor blade, when we use it, the tips of the crystals break for making it dull.

But the pyramid will cause the iron crystals to FILL IN THE PHANTOM FORM! I’ve been looking for this video for many years with no success. It would seem easy enough to repeat with a time lapse video camera coupled to a lense focused on the edge of the blade as it rests inside the pyramid.

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Hoverit Unveils MagLev Chair

Posted by keelynet on January 18, 2008

What a novel idea! Maybe they will post testimonials from their clients of health benefits from the permanent magnets.

chairhover.jpg“British company Hoverit, Ltd., has recently introduced “The Lounger,” a chair that defies gravity by hovering a few inches above its base. The Lounger uses permanent magnets in the chair and base to life the chair in the air. The company has not released many details about how the magic is done, but they confirm that the chair gives the sensation of floating on air. The product is hand-built, and designed with state-of-the-art CAD software. The base of the chair floats up and down on two guide bars, presumably so that it won´t float away. The base has castor wheels to make the two-piece furniture easy to move. Thanks to the magnetic field it exudes, perhaps the floating chair will also have health benefits, the company suggests. According to its Web site, “Permanent magnets can also help back, muscular problems and headaches, so our furniture not only looks good – it may make you feel good too.” – Source

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