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Archive for January 16th, 2008

Teenager invents air-powered perpetual car engine

Posted by keelynet on January 16, 2008

This one needs more details. Reminds me of the late Lee Rogers claims that he could somehow collect and recycle air when the car was moving, so that he needed no fuel. See Lee Rogers Aircar for more info.

engineairruss1.jpg“A student of the academic school in the city of Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Maruf Karimov, invented a “perpetual” car engine power by a very unusual kind of fuel. The student managed to start a conventional internal combustion engine with the help of air pressure. The fuel – air that is – flows into the engine from a special tank filled with air under high pressure. It is worthy of note that the tank refills itself automatically non-stop. The engine designed by 15-year-old boy can thus be described as perpetual. Karimov installed his invention on his friends’ old car and drove several hundreds of meters. The speed was very low, but the young engineer is certain that the output of the engine is only a matter of time and effort. The drawings and calculations of the Uzbek student have already been sent to specialists from Germany. It is not ruled out that Maruf Karimov will continue his research work in Germany, reports. Scientists and engineers accept the possibility that the current understanding of the laws of physics may be incomplete or incorrect; a perpetual motion device may not be impossible, but overwhelming evidence would be required to justify rewriting the laws of physics.” – Source

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Johnson Solid state Heat Engine

Posted by keelynet on January 16, 2008

Looking for more details on this one.

“Johnson, who has more than 100 patents to his credit, calls his invention the Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Conversion System, or JTEC for short. His JTEC was profiled recently in Popular Mechanics. Currently, even the best solar systems convert only about 30 percent of received solar energy into electricity – making solar more expensive than burning coal or oil. Mr. Johnson says he can achieve a conversion efficiency rate that tops 60 percent with a new solid-state heat engine. It represents a breakthrough new way to turn heat into power. With gasoline currently more than $3 a gallon, every driver can hope that’s true. This engine, Johnson says, can operate on tiny scales, or generate megawatts of power. If it proves feasible, drastically reducing the cost of solar power would only be a start. JTEC could potentially harvest waste heat from internal combustion engines and combustion turbines, perhaps even the human body. And no moving parts means no friction and fewer mechanical failures.” – Source

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Sugar-Free Gum Could Cause Extreme Weight Loss

Posted by keelynet on January 16, 2008

So is the weight loss from all that chewing? 15 pieces a day seems like a lot, but hey, whatever works!

“Two German doctors presented case studies today suggesting that chewing too much sugar-free gum could lead to extreme weight loss of up to 20% of a person’s normal body weight. The work, which appears in the journal BMJ, consists of two case studies (pdf). In the first, a 21-year old woman reported experiencing severe diarrhea four to twelve times per day. She’d lost 11 kilograms and had a body mass index of 16.6, substantially below normal. Patient interviews revealed she was chewing about 15 pieces of sugar free gum per day. She stopped chewing the gum and her symptoms disappeared. A middle aged man had similar symptoms and the same miraculous weight-gain upon cessation of gum chewing.” – Source

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Brain scan tests fail to support validity of ESP

Posted by keelynet on January 16, 2008

Unfortunately, I think ESP is tied into emotional and stress states, so it’s not like it can be turned on and off like a water faucet. There is just too much smoke indicating a fire somewhere with regard to paranormal powers.

“The study was the first to use cutting-edge brain scanning called functional MRI to address the question of whether ESP powers exist, said Moulton, who has been interested in ESP research since he stumbled across some previous supporting scientific research that he found impressive. His study was designed to simultaneously detect three types of extra-sensory powers: direct knowledge of someone else’s thoughts (telepathy), knowledge of the distant physical world (clairvoyance), and direct knowledge of the future (precognition). Each participant was placed in a brain scanner and sequentially shown two photographs. At the same time, the participants’ friend, partner, relative or identical twin was shown one of the photos — the ESP image — on a computer screen in another room and asked to mentally “send” the image to the participant. The participant had to guess which of the two photos was being “sent” from the other room, and then was shown the ESP image again to test precognition. If ESP were real, the brain should have responded differently to the ESP image — recognizing it as familiar. But, in all cases, when the researchers compared the scans, they saw precisely the same pattern of brain activation for the ESP and non-ESP images, meaning the brains responded the same. “Our results showed no difference, and therefore our results are evidence against the existence of ESP,” Moulton said. – Source

They should look into a device called a ‘Mind Mirror’, described in a 1981 book called ‘Megabrain’, which shows specific brainwave patterns associated with various paranormal states. – Mind Mirror . Do check out this page to see the balanced charts but it goes far beyond these simple graphs.

“Mind Mirror graphs of balanced and unbalanced brains – The images on the following pages are brain wave patterns of subjects connected by electrodes placed on their scalp to a Mind Mirror, a type of EEG machine. The bars on the left represent activity in the left brain, and those on the right represent activity in the right brain. The length of the bar as it expands out from the center respreseents the amplitude, or relative strength, of each brain wave pattern. Moving from top to bottom in each diagram, each bar represents a different frequency, with the top five bars on either side representing beta waves at 38, 30, 24, 19, and 15 Hz, respectively; the next three bars representing alpha waves at 12.5, 10.5, and 9 Hz; the next three bars representing theta waves at 7.5, 6, and 4.5 Hz; and the bottom three bars representing delta waves at 2.75, 1.5, and 0.75 Hz.”

There are specific patterns associated with psychic abilities. At a conference in Georgia several years ago, I was speaking with 2 fellows, one from Kansas, the other from California, all of us electronic geeks and techs…we happened to be in the hall of this college where the conference was held where we saw this man sit down at the Mind Mirror demonstration machine.

He hooked up the headset and within seconds the screen showed a perfectly balanced Grecian Urn image which we all recognized as representative of a top level psychic. We could barely hold back disturbing him, but when we finished, like a pack of slobbering puppies, we were upon him. He grinned and said I guess you guys have questions…well, YES!!!

He said a few years ago he had begun to channel but was never aware of what he said when in this altered state. Knowing that each of us had technical questions we wanted answered, he offered to do a free reading for each of us, one at a time. I was first. We put two student desks front to front, he extended his hands, wrists up and told me to lightly touch his wrists.

Then I was to wait until he spoke in a different voice. He closed his eyes and about a minute later, a very deep voice asked me what I wished to know. I asked what were the frequencies to instantly dissociate the water molecule.

He countered with, ‘On what level?” WHAT? I didn’t understand and asked him to explain. He said well, water is universal, so you have many frequencies that apply on many scales, did I want only those to disrupt the water molecule on a local level such as in a tank or on a scale to cause a chain reaction that would blow up a planet!!!

Well..hmmm..let me see…ok, just blow it up in a tank. He then described that there were always 3 frequencies associated with all matter and that by adjusting these frequencies, you could alter matter. He said imagine 3 intertwined ropes of energy of various thicknesses. GEEZUS H, thats pure Keely and this guy never HEARD of Keely.

So he told me the frequencies and said they weren’t guaranteed to be accurate as they change depending on where you are and what you are close to…but the key was the RATIOS, not the frequencies…my session was over and the other two guys reported similar amazing information. The mans name is Dickey Surman from England.

I had one other experience with my dear late friend Peter Kelly in his private lab. He showed me two thin metal plates, one on each side of a computer screen. When you sat in front of the screen and ran a program he wrote to function like the mind mirror, pickup up specific frequencies from each hemisphere which showed up as left and right on the chart.

The frequency amplitude begins at the center and increase to the left and right sides and the stacked bars are specific frequencies. As I sat there, with NO HEADSET, this thing was picking up my brainwaves with a realtime display.

Peter said try this…and told me to walk to the other side of the room, about 25 feet away and look at the screen…I walked backwards and stood against the wall, yet the machine was STILL SENSING and displaying my brainwaves from 25 feet away!

I asked what he planned to do with this and he said one day he’d get around to manufacturing and selling them but he had a lot of ongoing projects. Geez, I miss Pete!

Anyway, that is my involvement with the Mind Mirror…get a copy of Megabrain to see all the charts showing specific abilities via the left and right brain waves.

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