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MMS claimed to cure AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, Cancer, etc…(Free eBook)

Posted by keelynet on January 14, 2008

This one is totally new to me. The writer says its easy and cheap to make and easy to apply with no side effects. On his webpage he has an ebook that gives full directions to DIY.

“This Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS for short) was discovered in 2000 by Jim Humble. At the time, he was using activated Oxygen water, which have been around for 80 years and consists of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water to cure a large percentage of Malaria victims in Africa and South America, as well as eliminating parasites and numerous other weird diseases you often hear about from third world countries. Jim was not satisfied with partial success and his research led him to discover that if you mix a citric acid solution (or lemon juice, or vinegar) with the Sodium Chlorite, and wait 3 minutes to activate, it would produce Chlorine Dioxide, perhaps the worlds best pathogen killer of all time. He had 100% cure rate of over 75,000 malaria patients and 388 out of 390 documented aids patients. It was achieved by using the MMS to create Chlorine Dioxide. Additionally, countless Aids, Hepatitis A, B and C cases were cured.— Not just improved, cured! Why haven’t I heard about this? (You ask) Because a simple inexpensive cure is suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA here in the U.S., especially if it is easy to obtain, is dirt cheap and can be made in your kitchen. In other words, there is no money in it since it is a fairly quick and cheap cure, not a drug you must buy forever! As most of you know, Cancer, Diabetes, ulcers, Lyme disease, pain of all types and even arthritis is said to be caused by microbes. What you may not know is thatmicrobes are now thought to be “pleomorphic”. (Please remember this term—there will be a quiz later.) Pleomorphic means that a benign (that means harmless) microbe can mutate into bacteria, viral forms. fungus and then back to a virus or that the same microbe can take on different morphologies; for instance the most common Lyme microbe, Borrelia burgdorferi can exist balled up in a capsule or cyst form or can exist in a cell wall-deficient form know as the L-form as well as in two other forms. In other words, microbial form is environmentally dependant. These buggers are smart and it is the reason why antibiotics (which are only good for killing certain bacteria) are often totally ineffective– especially when Dr’s are trying to kill a virus with an antibiotic. Fortunately for each of us individually and for mankind in general, Chlorine Dioxide does not care what the pathogen is be it a virus, bacteria, fungus, mold or parasite–it will kill it—dead—sayonara. And guess what, a two year supply is about $20. (About the price of your co-pay for Viagra) Is it safe? Yes. Extremely safe. It is not the same as Chlorine added to the city water supply to sterilize the water. That Chlorine will form all types of “Chlorides” which are often carcinogenic and have shown to cause arthrosclerosis. (A big word that means artery problems). Inside the body, chlorine dioxide breaks down into 2 oxygen atoms and a minute amount of table salt, when it is finished killing the bad guys. Then it is excreted from the body within a few hours. (Thanks to Rueben Joswiak for sharing this. – JWD) – Source

I downloaded his free Part 1 of the ebook and it was so fascinating I bought the Part 2 for $9.95 using PayPal and couldn’t stop reading! This ebook is just excellent, lots of details and stories and more.

It reminded me of a file I found many years ago which I had posted on the original KeelyNet BBS and later to KeelyNet on the internet. That file described the use of dilute hydroCHLORIC acid to produce miracle cures in the body and you can read all the details at;

Dilute HCL cures

I have received several emails over the years from nurses and doctors asking for more information but this is all I ever had on it. Now along comes this guy with his sodium chlorite based MMS solution that seems to fit very well with the claims of this original paper. I just sent him an email asking him to look at the page and see if it correlated as I think it does.

As a suggestion, this is such a radical book, I would recommend that EVERYONE at the very least download the free Part 1 which I think will make you want to buy Part 2 before the author gets shutdown by the FEDs, AMA, drug companies and all those who don’t want to see CURES, let alone that are so cheap and easy to produce and use.

Updated 09/01/08

I bought my MMS from an outfit called Project Greenlife. You can contact them or visit their MMS Miracle website if you’d like to check out their products and prices.

They are simply excellent…my first $130 box got sucked up by Mexican customs wanting me to come to Mexico City (700 miles) to explain to aduanas (customs) what this was…so they sent ANOTHER BOX using USPS and included a DVD and a book…super nice and honest people and the stuff seems to be helping people here including me.

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5 Responses to “MMS claimed to cure AIDS, Hepatitis, Malaria, Cancer, etc…(Free eBook)”

  1. dugda002 said


    Thanks for posting this! I took your advise and purchased part II immediately. I read part 1 all the way through last night. I couldn’t put it down. I am printing part II as I am writing this. I hope people will read this, and broadcast it to the four winds. This could help so many people. The bible says that “God uses the simple things to confound the wise”. This could not be more true.

  2. rettanderson said


    I am the editor of the blog

    Been working on collecting MMS testimonials and other sodium chlorite information.

    Come by and take a look. MMS will Rock Pharmageddon!!!

    Best of Health!

  3. Chris­™ said

    Somehow I can’t quite buy into something like this. If it was really so simple to cure these diseases, the medical community would be all over it. No amount of money could suppress something as substantial as this. As well, since the author is still selling this information in an Ebook, it’s hard to believe they are of completely noble intentions anyways. Are there any studies provided alongside these claims? How specifically does the Chlorine Dioxide mixture target only the viral/mutated cells?

    I’m skeptical, but open to being proven wrong.

  4. rettanderson said


    When you understand the politics and the money trail you will understand why conventional medicine is not all over it.

    And you are right! No amount of money will suppress it! Word of mouth is moving MMS around the globe and into households across America.

    Actually, people are really tired of the same old BS regarding studies. The pharmaceutical companies put out studies and then their products maim and kill anyway.

    The proof is in the pudding as they say. Go to and read the testimonials. These are real testimonials. I have communicated with the authors.

  5. 1swall said

    Yes I also now use mms for about a week and am feeling more energy which I usaually don”t and my pimples around my eyes are clearling (I take 5 drops right now)

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