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Archive for December 13th, 2007

Ron Paul can ONLY win with a WRITE-IN VOTE

Posted by keelynet on December 13, 2007

ronpaul3.jpgWatching the sad excuses they call debates, I am so disappointed that the media does everything in its power to control the questions and to keep the limelight on the candidates they think are most likely to win.

Ron Paul tried it as an Independent and now he is trying it as a Republican, but the best he can hope for is to be a spoiler unless all Ron Paul supporters get together and try something totally new and novel for Presidential elections, that is…the Write-In Vote.

Everyone needs to get together on this to make it happen the only way it can to force changes in a stagnant corrupt electoral system, so do spread the word that Ron Paul should be written in for President.

Most people are under the impression that write-in votes have no bearing on an election;

“For most, if not all of our adult life; we’ve been INDUCED to register & vote BY Party Affiliation – which IS NECESSARY for the Primaries! Albeit: In the FINAL November election: You vote for whom ever you choose – EVEN IF TO DO SO, you must WRITE-IN THE NAME & OFFICE !!! … The Ballots MUST PROVIDE SPACE FOR THIS !!! …”

I can see NO WAY IN HELL Ron Paul will get nominated by the Republican party and if people are truly serious about getting him into office, the only way to make that happen is to write him in as president on the ballot.

Some research found this page which gives a clear and concise method for all Ron Paul supporters to get him elected. Here are the steps;

1 – On the regular printed ballot there can be found 3-6 BLANK LINES for Write-in vote entries – or, in the case of mechanical/electronic voting devices; simply ask the Precinct Captain for instruction to effect “Write-in” voting, using the subject device, then;

2 – Using a ball-point pen for paper (or by the available system method); Write-in the NAME and OFFICE of voter’s CHOICE of candidate[s], e.g.: “Ron Paul, for President” then complete the Ballot selections – OTHER THAN the Office[s] already voted by Write-in.

Now the problem is voter fraud. So the website has an idea to keep separate records so that any vote can be contested if there is clearly an overwhelming registered count. Their instructions are;

Make NOTE of the SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION for the voting system used, as well as the PRECINCT ID, and PHYSICAL ADDRESS of the voting place used, then immediately thereafter – and THIS IS CRUCIAL;


If you want to see Ron Paul as the next President of the United States, to see a return to our constitution and all the positive changes he proposes to enact, I think the write-in vote is the best chance we have of making it happen.

Every chance you get, put forth the suggestion that a Write In vote should be made for “Ron Paul, for President”, on every page and every billboard or ad campaign.

This is the best chance we have to Elect Ron Paul President in 2008.


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