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Archive for October 8th, 2007

500 mpg?

Posted by keelynet on October 8, 2007

bullshit.jpgI looked for a patent app or patent pending for this guy and found nothing. I suspect he is using long known vaporizer methods as described in my ebook, but I seriously doubt anyone could get 500 miles per gallon.

Maybe double or a bit more, even up to 100mpg, that would be possible. Using one of the techniques in my ebook, my 1996 Ford truck went from between 20-25mpg up to between 30-35mpg depending on terrain, since I often drive over the small mountain surrounding the valley where I live.

carpumpsm.jpgInventor John Weston of Port Charlotte, claims to have invented a device that can turn virtually any car into a gas-miser that can run as far as 500 miles on a single gallon. Called the Air Vapor Flow System, or AVFS, the device functions by vaporizing gasoline before it gets inducted into the engine. That saves fuel and reduces pollution because it allows the engine to burn more of the fuel that gets sucked into the combustion chamber, he contends. The device works on small, industrial engines or larger automobile engines regardless of whether they have carburetors or fuel injection systems, according to Weston. The device consists of a small, plastic tank that gets mounted under the hood of a car. Some hoses from the engine’s air intake housing are run to the top of the tank so that the engine draws in vapors from above the level of the liquid gasoline. The device also has some additional features that affect its efficiency and safety that Weston is not disclosing. In an impromptu demonstration conducted for this reporter last week, Weston installed one of the devices into his battered 1992 Geo Storm. Scientifically, the results can be described as intriguing but inconclusive. Weston’s car ran well on the vapors from the device when the level of the liquid in the tank was within a certain margin. The engine ran either too rich or too lean when the level was above or below that margin. Weston is convinced that the car traveled 14.8 miles on about 4 ounces of gasoline during the test. If accurate, that would amount to some 473 miles per gallon. However, an exact measurement was not obtained due to the testing method. Weston recently tested one of his AVFS tanks on a gasoline-powered utility generator. Without the device, the generator ran for 3.5 hours. With the device, it ran for 14 hours on the same amount of fuel, he said. AVFS testing on a small engine by the firm Adiabatics Inc. in Columbus, Ind. The results showed it reduced hydrocarbons 71 percent and carbon monoxide 25 percent. The rate of fuel consumption was reduced by 15 percent to 30 percent. But the device increased emissions of carbon dioxide 12 percent and nitrogen oxides 296 percent. Those are greenhouse and smog pollutants. Weston said those emissions increased because Reg Tech’s engineer failed to properly adjust the vapor/air mixture. “Not all engineers are mechanics,” Weston said. / Vapor methods and details are described in the $15 downloadable eBook 14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel CostsSource

In the future, I don’t see hydrogen cars as a serious answer, but I do see electric cars that you plugin to recharge, though there will probably be an inductive connection where you just drive over an embedded plate and your car is charging as long as it is over the plate.

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the ‘Sleeper’

Posted by keelynet on October 8, 2007

In the Guadalajara Reporter a week ago, was an article about gangs disrupting festivities in both Chapala and Ajijic. Fighting, throwing beer bottles into a crowd of some 5,000 people who came to listen to Banda Tecos and enjoy the activities.

medulla.jpgIt reminded me of my late friend Arthur Coleman who told me he worked on a privately funded project designed to interfere with the electrical flow between the cerebellum and the medulla. The medulla is like a solenoid coil and provides the nerve power to move the muscles. Truly mind over matter.

The idea was a crowd control weapon which would use some kind of frequency or laser that could be beamed into a crowd of rioters, causing them to lose all muscle control except for autonomic functions (breathing, heart pumping, etc.). Arthur said they were able to make it work for one person at a time but it only partially worked for crowds. The reason? Because everyone has a dynamic frequency which changes rapidly depending on many factors. He said they could disable one person but the device could not match the diverse frequencies of the many.

Sounds good to me, even for lone attackers or troublemakers to be paralyzed or better yet, just put them to sleep and collect them or walk away and let them wake up later.

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Scientists Deliver ‘God’ Via A Helmet

Posted by keelynet on October 8, 2007

A couple of months ago, there was a report of a church in some other country which was reporting shocks experienced by believers when the preacher touched them. Rather than questioning how this could be, most took the preacher’s word that it was god manifesting through him in the form of a shock, which he imparted to them. Someone found out he was using an off-the-shelf battery powered hand shocker to produce the effect.

Now comes this ‘news’ about Michael Persingers’ work and I can’t help but think how smart a church or new age cult would be NOT to USE this technology so their believers could experience god or whatever they are promoting.

brainelectric.jpg“Scientific American is reporting on scientific work done to map the euphoric religious feelings within the brain. As a result, it’s now quite possible to experience ‘proximity to God’ via a special helmet: ‘In a series of studies conducted over the past several decades, Persinger and his team have trained their device on the temporal lobes of hundreds of people. In doing so, the researchers induced in most of them the experience of a sensed presence — a feeling that someone (or a spirit) is in the room when no one, in fact, is — or of a profound state of cosmic bliss that reveals a universal truth. During the three-minute bursts of stimulation, the affected subjects translated this perception of the divine into their own cultural and religious language — terming it God, Buddha, a benevolent presence or the wonder of the universe.”” – Source

This isn’t really ‘news’ since Persinger has been in the news now for several years, most famously with the ‘God Spot’, a specific location in the brain that produced hallucination type effects, from seeing and talking to aliens, god, whatever. I think it might have uses for altered states which might be used to gather new or useful information from a universal gestalt type mind.

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