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Archive for October 4th, 2007

Two money and headache savers

Posted by keelynet on October 4, 2007

Two very useful inventions that might save you big money and a lot of headaches. This one for energy savings;

energytadpole.jpgInventor says his new device will improve heating systems and cut CO2 – When tagged on to existing central heating systems, it is claimed the Tadpole will significantly increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and energy bills. Inventor Stan Whetstone says, “The Tadpole works on the simplest of principles, improving the efficiency of heating systems by minimising the dissolved air which makes the water in boilers slower to heat. “With the air removed, boilers reach higher temperatures much faster, resulting in much less energy from gas, electric or oil being required. “As added benefits, The Tadpole works silently, without vibrations, and even reduces the need to bleed systems, as the oxygen which contributes to the corrosion is no longer present. “It can be fitted to most central heating systems which operate on a stored water or an immersion heater’ principle, whether gas, electric or oil is the energy source.” He calculates that if just ten per cent of the 13 million UK homeowners with a gas boiler heating system “tagged on a Tadpole” to improve efficiency by 30 per cent, the net reduction of CO2 emissions could be more than 1.25 million tonnes a year. It is available to buy on the internet at – Source

And this one to prevent you from flood damage and having to bail out your house;

watersaver.jpgFlooded Homes May Be Thing Of The Past Thanks To New Invention – >“The Sentinel Hydrosolutions Leak Defense SystemTM is installed on the incoming water line to a home, apartment, or business and constantly monitors water flow,” said Traczewski. “The owner sets the target water flow and the amount of time that is allowed to elapse before an alarm sounds and the water is shut off.” According to Scott Shaw, Sentinel Hydrosolutions COO, the Leak Defense System can measure water flow as little as eight ounces an hour. “Not only will the system prevent potential disasters from a plumbing leak, it can literally pay for itself in the short-term by alerting homeowners to leaky appliances such as toilets and slab leaks that often go undetected for years,” said Shaw. “A study done recently in Portland, Oregon revealed that silent toilet leaks can account for up to 300 gallons of water a day going down the drain without anyone even noticing. That’s about $500 a year literally down the toilet.” More information is available on their website at or toll-free at 866-410-1134. – Source

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Bad manners, disrespect, ignorance of the laws or what?

Posted by keelynet on October 4, 2007

Living in Mexico, I play by all the rules and keep my nose very clean. I don’t cause any problems, I comply with all their laws and respect their customs. All my papers are kept in order. I pay impuestos (import fees) for everything I order from outside Mexico and buy as much as I can from local stores and vendors. I buy donuts, tamales from the door to door sellers who are often in need and I eat often at streetside taquerias as well as local restaurants and cafes owned and operated by mexicans.

I keep my truck and my motorcycle legal and my visas in order and up to date. I even buy the police lunch or slip them $5 from time to time, not to mention helping local Mexicans in clear need with a bit of cash. They don’t ask for it, but I know they make very little money and are almost always married with kids.

One morning awhile back, I was waiting for a friend to conclude business as I sat on a park bench in the San Antonio plaza. A chubby policeman sat on the same bench and we struck up a conversation. I found out he was 24 years old and married with six kids! I asked him how could he have so many kids yet he was so young and he replied, “No TV!” He didn’t make enough money to buy a TV.

In the spirit of amistad, I also buy beers for amigos every now and then in the local cantinas. I employ mexicans to cut my grass, trim the plants in my small patio, wash and detail my truck, clean my house, do my laundry, sometimes cook my food, even help with computer or small construction projects if they are capable. All of this I could very well do (and should as exercise), but they need the money and it runs from 50-100 pesos ($5-$10).

The police in my small pueblo often drive by my street and knowing I work most of the night, they will flash their red and blue lights inviting me out to chat with them on slow nights. Though I invite them in, they aren’t supposed to leave their patrol truck unless they are answering a call or on a lunch or bathroom break. They work 24 hours in a row and are off a day, then repeat. Can you imagine? I will ask how much they make a day or week.

mexusaflags.jpgAnd that brings me to this recent event where a Mexican flag was flown above a US flag. I attribute it not to any malicious intent on the part of owner as he probably didn’t know there are laws in the states to prohibit this.

But I would NEVER try something like this here nor do I know any other foreigners who would. They are very protective of their laws and proud of their country, I just wish the ones in the US would respect US laws and sensibilities as much as we, as ‘guests’ in their country, take pains to respect the laws here.

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Cool Deals in Ads

Posted by keelynet on October 4, 2007

I try to remember to look at ads on sites and click at least one evertime I visit since they usually are making money from these ads and if I like the site, I have no problem taking the extra 10-20 seconds or so of my time to do this simple thing.

My checking out an ad probably won’t pay them but a few cents but if a lot of visitors do it, then it ads up (pun intended). Sometimes I even sign up or buy something from the ad if it’s interesting.

spyglasses.jpgRecently, in one of these clickable ads, I saw a way cool new ‘gate’ site that sells items that you can buy online direct from China. Under electronics they have some fascinating discrete spy cameras for about $150.

One is in a pair of sunglasses, another as a button, tie clip and other choices. They store the audio and video on an included MP4 recorder/player.

As well, there are lots of other interesting devices and deals, if ‘clones’ don’t bother you, even an iPhone clone. Plus clothes, sports equipment and many other categories of interest. Would love to have one of these to play around with. It comes with 256MB, expandable to 2GB and has a USB interface.

Geez, could this thing be abused! By secretly taping people. As if we don’t have enough of that with cameras on every lamp post, and in every store and outside watching the streets.

There was a very interesting article about the lack of effectiveness which proponents of massive surveillance claimed.

“London has 10,000 crime-fighting CCTV cameras which cost £200 million, figures show today. But an analysis of the publicly funded spy network, which is owned and controlled by local authorities and Transport for London, has cast doubt on its ability to help solve crime. A comparison of the number of cameras in each London borough with the proportion of crimes solved there found that police are no more likely to catch offenders in areas with hundreds of cameras than in those with hardly any. In fact, four out of five of the boroughs with the most cameras have a record of solving crime that is below average. The figures appear to confirm earlier studies which have thrown doubt on the effectiveness of CCTV cameras. A report by the criminal justice charity Nacro in 2002 concluded that the money spent on cameras would be better used on street lighting, which has been shown to cut crime by up to 20 per cent.” – Source

But I do like it that this thing is available to anyone with the $170 to pay for it. So many people abuse others space by using the cellphone for attention;

celljammer114.jpgAnyone Can Jam Your Cell Phone! – “A brand-new product called the Palm PHONE JAMMER is the first cell phone jammer that I’m aware of that’s priced, sized and created like a mass-market consumer electronics device.

The jammer is actually smaller than a cell phone, costs only $166 and shuts down GSM 850-, 900-, 1,800- and 1,900-MHz cell phone calls within a 30-foot radius.” – Source

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Data Mining and Evolutionary Computing

Posted by keelynet on October 4, 2007

I have always been interested in self-optimizing, self-correcting, adaptive machines and software capable of learning and improving their functions. It will be the answer to a Utopia beyond anything we can imagine when off-planet factories are run by robots and superior automation. Mining the raw elements, making the raw materials into parts, assembling, packaging and shipping back for anyone to buy at cheap prices.

datamining73.jpgDon’t invent, evolve – “The inventor’s trial-and-error approach can be automated by software that mimics natural selection. “I HAVE not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So said Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor, speaking of his laborious attempts to perfect the incandescent light bulb. Although 10,000 trial-and-error attempts might sound a little over the top, an emerging technique for developing inventions knocks even Edison’s exhaustive approach into a cocked hat. Evolutionary design, as it is known, allows a computer to run through tens of millions of variations on an invention until it hits on the best solution to a problem. As its name suggests, evolutionary design borrows its ideas from biology. It takes a basic blueprint and mutates it in a bid to improve it without human input. As in biology, most mutations are worse than the original. But a few are better, and these are used to create the next generation. Evolutionary design uses a computer program called an evolutionary algorithm, which takes the initial parameters of the design (things such as lengths, areas, volumes, currents and voltages) and treats each like one gene in an organism. Collectively, these genes comprise the product’s genome. By randomly mutating these genes and then breeding them with other, similarly mutated genomes, new offspring designs are created. These are subjected to simulated use by a second program. If a particular offspring is shown not to be up to the task, it is discarded. If it is promising, it is selectively bred with other fit offspring to see if the results, when subject to further mutation, can do even better.” – Source

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