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Archive for October 1st, 2007

The paranoid, the good, the sad and the hysterical

Posted by keelynet on October 1, 2007

Something peculiar while I was compiling KeelyNet news tonight. An article in Google news called ‘Secede from the United States’ was posted on the Atlantic Republic site on September 27, 2007 but the site wasn’t to be found, whoosh, gone! Yet there are multiple other sites about this movement with numerous articles. They must have server problems or something, surely, thats all it is…surely…

cancerstats.jpgIt is good to see the public fronting the money to carry out tests on the $10-a-pill cancer killing drug called DCA. They are up to $800,000 so far and have permission to do the trials. You know the drug companies and cancer charities wouldn’t help this effort because they can’t make money from a $10 pill that CURES cancer…at least that is the observation. If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, this is the link to the University of Alberta. (Click the image for a larger version)

I wish people would do this kind of funding for alternative science research rather than giving to the huge charities who collect money and spend 95% of it for operation and MAYBE 5% for research that never cures a damn thing. Look at muscular dystrophy and what those telethons raise, yet in all these years, not one cure or hope of one. I think it is comedian Chris Rock who rips Lewis’ Telethon theatrics and suggests that he prop up some of the kids to at least give us hope (even by cheating with misrepresentation). Crude but it points out how useless their operation is.

Another total waste of money are television evangelists like Robert Tilton who was reported to rake in 40 million a year, tax free from the ‘believers’. Many of these believers were old folks on fixed incomes and TV evangelists urge them to take out loans, use their credit cards, mortgage their home or do whatever they could to donate money to ‘the lord’.

A killer article is posted at the;

“Why do atheists speak out?

godcolorred.jpg This is why.

I confess to being puzzled by the idea that I should consider a being who consigns anyone who does not worship him to his satisfaction to an eternity of agonizing torment as “wise,” when my own, pitifully inadequate notions of human wisdom tell me that a being like that is by definition a horrendously wicked and evil tyrant.

Any God who refuses to make his existence unambiguously clear, and then is willing to consign individuals to eternal torture simply for doubting his existence, can only be unutterably evil, and the fact that Christians think that such a God is a paragon of all that is good is a view that quite simply perverts any meaning the notion of “goodness” could possibly have.

For a Christian to hold such a view and still think he is “better off than the atheist” reveals the intellectually and morally corrupting force of Christian “faith” more powerfully than any atheist critique ever could.”

I had a friend who was in charge of security for a big hotel in Dallas. He told me Tilton and his people would routinely rent AN ENTIRE FLOOR and have parties with hookers, booze and drugs that would leave the rooms a mess. But they did pay for all the damage.

And of course the government spending so much of OUR money on this idiotic ‘war’. Clock in NYC shows cost of Iraq war;

warcost.jpg“Two groups put up a giant digital clock to tick off the cost of the Iraq war, days before the Republican National Convention gets going less than a mile away. The clock was unveiled Wednesday by the advocacy group Project Billboard and the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank headed by John Podesta, former President Clinton’s chief of staff.

Organizers calculated the war’s cost as of Wednesday at $134.5 billion and are adding $177 million per day, which comes to $7.4 million per hour or $122,820 per minute. The two groups said the money could have been spent on projects “to make Americans safer at home and stronger abroad,” including adding two new divisions to the Army, hiring 100,000 more police officers and undertaking significant improvements to safeguard ports. “Iraq was a war of choice, and the United States is bearing virtually all of the cost,” Podesta said in a statement. The clock, on a hotel facade at Broadway and 47th Street, is blocks north of where the convention will begin next week at Madison Square Garden.”

And the meteor or rock or whatever fell from space to Peru that caused the ‘mystery illness’, which is now being reported as mass hysteria.

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