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Archive for May 11th, 2009

Self-running Magnet Powered Generator

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

Imagine that, Oklahoma! I received an email asking if I had posted erroenous data because of the mention of both Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

Well, I simply quoted the source (no editing) but I looked on both of these magazines and found no mention of this Baird guy. So told them to contact the source to correct the story unless they can prove he was really written up in these two magazines.

genmagok108“A local inventor whose creation was recently featured in Popular Science magazine unveiled his latest invention Saturday. Ada area resident Jeff Baird’s newest invention is an engine that uses a technology that really isn’t new at all. “It’s electromagnets,” Baird said. “They’ve been around a long time. It’s probably 60 or 70-year-old technology.” An official open house to display the creation is set in June at Conner State College in Warner but Baird wanted local residents to get a look at it while it was at his company, Plumb New Ideas Ltd. in Allen. “We’ve had a lot of support from folks here in Allen,” Baird said. Many have tried and failed to get these engines to run efficiently and Baird said he has fixed what others couldn’t. “All we’re doing is pulling on the pistons which has been done before, there are several patents out there,” Baird said. “They’ve run into problems with how to fire the magnets and we just got around all those and filed our own patents.” The current prototype can generate enough electricity to power lights, televisions and computers. It is a work in progress and bigger and better engines are on the way, Baird said. “We’re just simply converting very little wattage into a lot of energy,” Baird said. Large batteries fire the magnets and the motor acts as an alternator that keeps the batteries charged continuously. Because it does not use fossil fuels, Baird said it is environmentally friendly. The technology works like windmills except it uses magnets instead of wind. Baird recently made the news when his invention — the PermaFLOW — was featured in the December issue of Popular Mechanics. Baird said he wants kids to see his creations and get excited about inventing things that help people. He said it is all about helping others. He’s helped many people from young inventors to the disabled. “I just want to make things easier for people to live,” he said. / The current prototype can generate enough electricity to power lights, televisions and computers. It is a work in progress and bigger and better engines are on the way, Baird said. Large batteries fire the magnets and the motor acts as an alternator that keeps the batteries charged continuously. Because it does not use fossil fuels, it is environmentally friendly.” – Source

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Can Solar Power Bust Hurricanes?

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

This reminded me of the concentrating mirror used in the James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’, what a weapon that could be and by spreading it out could produce light anywhere, anytime on the earth.

solarspacemirror108“Last week, PG&E announced it was attempting to get state approval for plans to buy power over a 15-year period from Solaren, by means of a giant solar array in space beaming the energy down to Earth. The deal itself would allow Solaren to provide 200 megawatts of power by 2016, but that’s just small potatoes according to a patent application that was made in 2006. Spirnak writes that, “The present invention relates to space-based power systems and, more particularly, to altering weather elements, such as hurricanes or forming hurricanes, using energy generated by a space-based power system.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has heard all this before though, stating, “There have been numerous techniques that we have considered over the years to modify hurricanes: seeding clouds with dry ice or silver iodide, cooling the ocean with cryogenic material or icebergs, changing the radiational balance in the hurricane environment by absorption of sunlight with carbon black, exploding the hurricane apart with hydrogen bombs, and blowing the storm away from land with giant fans, etc. As carefully reasoned as some of these suggestions are, they all share the same shortcoming: They fail to appreciate the size and power of tropical cyclones.” – Source

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Pulse motor claims 498.1% Efficiency

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

This is a notice about a 2nd new video posted in response to the Konzen video. It shows what is apparently overunity. / You can see Dougs’ lecture and presentation on two DVDs from Vanguard Sciences – Theory, experiments and discussion as well as demonstrations of the Konzen Pulse Motor which appears to produce overunity. Doug explains magnetic ‘splatter’ and how various coil configurations can be used to recover and add energy back into the circuit. (Thanks TOM! – JWD) – Konzen youtube Video

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My Solutions

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

For starters, my 10 solutions to problems the USA faces. – Source

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Inertial Drive in Space

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

Now the title of this article originally is ‘Russian scientists test perpetual motion machine in space’ but as you can see, it has NOTHING to do with perpetual motion.

Instead its a practical implementation of a unidrectional drive system which the Chinese are also using for space drives. Not enough power for lift, just manuevering at this point, but the concept is really neat. redirecting rotational force into a preferred direction, up, down, sideways…

inertialdriveblog“Specialists of the Institute for Space Systems conducted successful tests of the perpetual motion machine in space. Valery Menshikov, the director of the institute, said that the machine was installed at Yubileiny satellite which was launched into orbit almost a year ago.

The satellite can now move from one orbit to another with the help of the engine, which discharges no reaction mass. The new engine lasts for 15 years and can be started about 300,000 times. It uses solar batteries for its power, engineers at the institute said. Some common ideas recur repeatedly in perpetual motion machine designs. Many ideas that continue to appear today were stated as early as 1670 by John Wilkins, Bishop of Chester and an official of the Royal Society. He outlined three potential sources of power for a perpetual motion machine, “Chymical Extractions”, “Magnetical Virtues” and “the Natural Affection of Gravity”. The seemingly mysterious ability of magnets to influence motion at a distance without any apparent energy source has long appealed to inventors.

One of the earliest examples of a system using magnets was proposed by Wilkins and has been widely copied since: it consists of a ramp with a magnet at the top, which pulled a metal ball up the ramp. Near the magnet was a small hole that was supposed to allow the ball to drop under the ramp and return to the bottom, where a flap allowed it to return to the top again. The device simply could not work: any magnet strong enough to pull the ball up the ramp would necessarily be too powerful to allow it to drop through the hole. Faced with this problem, more modern versions typically use a series of ramps and magnets, positioned so the ball is to be handed off from one magnet to another as it moves. The problem remains the same. More generally, magnets can do no net work, although this was not understood until much later. A magnet can accelerate an object, like the metal ball of Wilkins’ device, but this motion will always come to stop when the object reaches the magnet, releasing that work in some other form – typically its mechanical energy being turned into heat. In order for this motion to continue, the magnet would have to be moved, which would require energy. Gravity also acts at a distance, without an apparent energy source. But to get energy out of a gravitational field (for instance, by dropping a heavy object, producing kinetic energy as it falls) you have to put energy in (for instance, by lifting the object up), and some energy is always dissipated in the process.

A typical application of gravity in a perpetual motion machine is Bhaskara’s wheel in the 12th century, whose key idea is itself a recurring theme, often called the overbalanced wheel: Moving weights are attached to a wheel in such a way that they fall to a position further from the wheel’s center for one half of the wheel’s rotation, and closer to the center for the other half.

Since weights further from the center apply a greater torque, the result is (or would be, if such a device worked) that the wheel rotates forever. The moving weights may be hammers on pivoted arms, or rolling balls, or mercury in tubes; the principle is the same.” – Source

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Shallow, superficial Obama

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

I just loved this, that someone had the cojones to state what is obvious to a few, but not enough who still buy into his glamour/glitz, media photo-op driven BS to cover just how little he is actually accomplishing.

‘All hat and no cattle’, was never truer than in this posers case. But the sheeple just don’t get it, so ruining the future of the USA will be the end result. I hope his leadership proves me wrong, but I just can’t see anything there.

“Mr Sarkozy is pouring cold water on President Obama’s efforts to recast American leadership on the world stage, depicting them as unoriginal, unsubstantial and overrated. Behind leaks and briefings from the Elyse Palace lies Mr Sarkozy’s irritation at the rock-star welcome that Europe gave Mr Obama on his Europan tour earlier this month. The American President’s call “to free the world of the menace of a nuclear nightmare” was hot air, Mr Sarkozy’s diplomatic staff told him in a report. “It was rhetoric” not a speech on American security policy but an export model aimed at improving the image of the United States,” they said. Most of Mr Obama’s proposals had already been made by the Bush administration and Washington was dragging its feet on disarmament and treaties against nuclear proliferation, the leaked report said.” – Source

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Global Weirding and the ‘Weirding Way’

Posted by keelynet on May 11, 2009

I never understood the term weirding as used in the original DUNE movie. The concent of using sound waveforms to resonate with objects did ring true for me though, expecially in the explanation of how it worked and how it could be used;

“A few lines from the script (cut out of the film and not reinstated for the “Alan Smithee” abortion) explains the relation of the weirding way to the weirding modules:

PAUL: The weirding way has long been a Bene Gesserit secret. With my mother’s help, my father isolated an element of the weirding way and externalized it. Because of the Harkonnen treachery, my father’s armies were never able to fully develop this new form. This is what I will teach you. You will be the fiercest and most feared fighters in the Universe.

What Leto isolated and externalized (with Jessica’s help) was the “Voice” element of the weirding way, the ability to manipulate sound to unnatural effect. Throughout the movie we see Paul trying to master the Voice, and finally succeeding (without the weirding module) when he kills Feyd. When connected with the Emperor’s earlier line (“The Atreides house is building a secret army, using a technique unknown to us… a technique involving sound”), you get the reason why the Emperor wanted to destroy House Atreides in the first place, plus a new perspective on Jessica’s role in the film (she started the whole chain of events going in the first place, first with giving birth to Paul and then giving Leto the key to his own destruction). Plus the weirding module was a simpler, less expensive (simple sound dubbing/amplifying and some small pyro = weeks/months of martial arts training and speeding-up SFX) and more amped-up “cinematic” way of giving the Fremen a crucial edge against the Harkonnens and the Sardukar.”

The ‘Weirding Module’ device is a sonic beam weapon that translates certain specific sounds into attacks of varying potency.

dune1Paul: “Our way of battle is built on rhythm. You understand rhythm like this but you do not yet understand the rhythm of the higher sounds, sounds that heal and build… sounds that destroy. Motion is the base. You understand the motion… but you do not yet understand the motion that heals and builds… motions that destroy…

dune2This is part of the weirding way that we will teach you. Some thoughts have a certain sound… that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs…”

Along those lines, the term here is being applied to global effects;

“The concept of “global weirding” is emerging as a notable complement to its cause, global warming. Coined by Hunter Lovins, a founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute, it describes the consequences of the rise in average global temperatures, which are expected to amplify the abnormal: hotter heat spells, longer and sharper droughts, more violent storms, and more intense flooding. Given anticipated warming trajectories, many of these physical changes are statistically predictable and can be fairly accurately modeled. But as an ecologist, I fear it is the alterations to the living realm where “weirdness” will be a most apropos, if not downright tepid, label. This is certainly the case in my area of study — the aquatic realm — where global weirding is already well underway.” – Source

And if you are an experimenter, How to Break a Glass with your Voice.

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